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The idea behind this mod was lack of placeable objects in settlement menu. So insted of nagging the mod authers to ad this and that. i started to learn nifskope and fo4edit by myself. And now i created my first mod i wanted to share with you. This mod will give you Trees,Grass, Stones, Rosebushes,Tree Sapling,Birds and a tree swing. This is just the start of my mod as im working on more content for this. Like Bar shelves (that works like the bobblehead display)its an endless possibility.

This mod was created using Nifskope and Fo4Edit
Install with NMM

SK Landscape\Big Trees
SK Landscape\Small Trees
SK Landscape\Misc Landscape
SK Landscape\Foliage

When placing these objects, and you want to make it stand taller or whereever. Theres two options:
Use the console,when its up left click the object so it will show number and letters on the darker screen section. Example clicking on Rosebush it shows 000ffk5d or somthing. Then use commands Getpos z\x\y and Setpos z\x\y
use this mod Precise object moving and rotating Now you just need to click on object and use numlock keys

Dependent Settlement Keywords v0.8
Oh no, the grass is dead and not green! – Yes thats the orginal version. For more live colors i would recommend a texture mod, see further down.
FormID/Keyword cap – yes theres such a thing, but settlement keywords made a great menu system. So for this mod im using the SK.(i might make a option for vanlila menu, if theres people who want it)
What about Homemaker,ssex,Alternate Settlements,Snap ‘n Build? – SSEX isnt made compatible with sx
Some menu icons are to big or to small – Im on it
got report about CTD when hovering over Foliage Category – im working it as well almost as i type.

-* Please if you see a issue, let me know so i could make it better or fix it. Love it hate it? Tell me, it will only help me grow to be a better mod auther *-

1.1 – There will be a costom Brewery table,every northman/women needs a place to brew theire Mead and goodies. Bottle display is under work.
1.0H – Fixes the foliage CTD
1.0 – First launch hooray

Settlement Keywords – by Stuyk
Alternate Settlements – by Stuyk
Homemaker – by NovaCoru
Precise object moving and rotating – by ad3d0
Touch of Green – by Stephanie Young
Fallout 4 Seasons – by GameDuchess

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What is this mod use for

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