NPC Re(Balance)

NPC Re(Balance)

Have you ever wondered why bloatflies survive more than one bullet?
Why a raider survives 25 more hits because he has Psycho in his Name?
How you survive a hit from a super Mutant Behemoth even if you are unarmored?
Ever wondered why as soon as you hit lvl 30 the brotherhood does only consist of Paladins?
If the answer is yes then this mod is for you. 🙂

This mod changes Health and Resistance values for all non named Characters.
It also renames both Gunner and Brotherhood generic npc´s to seem more “real”. (No more 5 Major´s per camp, you will now find 5 Elites)

All low level enemy´s that are humans have now slightly more hitpoints, on the other hand high Level human NPC´s have a lot less.
To make this a bit more precise, Low level humans got their hp buffed, that means up until Raider Psycho they have MORE hp.
I only did remove the rediculus high hitpoints of Raider Veterans etc. They had 1200 Hp while normal ones had 80. I reduced their hp to 500.
Raider Veterans had actually mpre hp than most deathclaws…

All robots got either a massive boost to HP or damage resistances. For the sake of the Sentry bot a massive boost to both.
The Sentry bot got a massive boost to it´s melee/charge attack.
Super mutants have slightly more health at low Levels and a lot less at high Levels. (Never understood why just because you are called overlord your hp is 15 times higher…)

Deathclaws incite fear into everyone and can kill you with a single hit, if you don´t wear power armor. They also have double resistance values :O
Behemoths now do 4 times as much damage and have 3 times as much health.
Bloatflies, Bloodbugs, molerats and Stingwings have massively reduced health.

Feedback will be much appretiated.

This will most likely conflict with just about anything that changes unnamed npc´s so be warned.

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