OA1 – Ocular Albinism

OA1 – Ocular Albinism

It was very clear from the beginning that America was desperate to win the Resource War, to the point that they were even willing to overlook serious medical conditions to send out more soldiers to fight China. Specifically, they were willing to send you out, despite the fact that you have horrendous eye problems that make you more of a liability to be honest. Hey, so long as you don’t shoot your own head off, I guess.

This mod adds in 10 standalone albino eye choices to male and female characters in creation, and most importantly, all of the eyes have pale eyelashes. This was, originally, something I’d created for myself because I wanted to roleplay an albino person who had to wear sunglasses, hats, and cover all of his skin when he went outside, but I was disappointed by the fact that my eyelashes were clearly full of pigment. I searched, though not very hard, and couldn’t find any mods that did it for me so I decided to create it myself. Through some trial and error, I managed to get the nearly white eyelashes my character needed to finally fulfill his dream of properly lacking in pigment. Knowing that I couldn’t possibly be the only person playing Fallout that had the idea, so I’m decided to release it for others to have fun being pigmentally-challenged in a wasteland where there is constant painful sunlight.

The included colors range from the stereotypical red and pink eyes, to pale blues, a few violet shades, and some light greys. I wouldn’t necessarily consider them the best representation of albino eyes, but I think they suit their purpose.

Note: Technically, this isn’t exactly ocular albinism. Ocular albinism is actually a genetic condition primarily affecting the pigmentation of the iris. In reality, this mod by itself would be more akin to oculocutaneous albinism that’s only affecting the eyes and the eyelashes for some bizarre medical reason. But, seeing as this isn’t a skin retexture that makes your skin pale to the point of near translucency nor is it a mod that puts every hair color in the platinum blonde or white range, I thought this would be a clever name.

OA2 (Still ocular albinism, but with more fun stuff)

New decidedly less lore-friendly textures to apply to your albino character. I received a request for Riddick style eyes and my silly overly complicated brain thought, “Well, one new pair of eyes is hardly worthy of an update.” So I sat and pondered what I could do, and I came up with the question these new eyes answered: what if your eyes were actually affected by that wave of radiation that hit you right in your stupid face? (Let’s be honest, that wasn’t your best decision. Made you come off as a bit like spoon in a knife drawer.)

New fun textures

Fury: Also known as Riddick eyes. This is what happens when radiation goes mostly good. They’re a little on the light side, but that’s okay since it’s because they’re glowing! (Spent most of the day yesterday and half of my time today working out how to get them to do that properly.)
Synth: Pretty self-explanatory, but, synth eyes. Just like good ol’ Nick and the other gen 2’s if you don’t have a mod that changes them. Apparently you needed new eyes because of the radiation, so you had your face mutilated and had two metal orbs rammed into your eye sockets. (Custom texture with a debatably mediocre normal map. Before any requests are made to make different synth eyes, I will probably not as that would require me to get the permission of their authors and I doubt my normal maps would stand up anyway.)
Oedipus: Blind eyes, named after Oedipus Rex for reasons that people who know of Oedipus Rex already know. The radiation made you go blind, which is rather anti-climactic. (No new textures. Just uses the blind textures you have in your game.)
Blank: It turns out it just completely snatched your irises and pupils straight from your eyes. Maybe you shouldn’t have been staring. It is quite rude after all. (The accidental result of an attempt to make the Riddick eyes that I thought looked cool so I made it its own set.)
Ghoulish: Technically, 5-9. The radiation did to your eyes what it did to the ghouls. I can exactly say what that is, but it did it. At least it didn’t give you ghoul face, because, seriously, you were smacked upside the head by a wave of radiation and came out looking like a very pale daisy. Didn’t even get burned, somehow. (No new textures here either, just uses whatever ghoul textures you already have.)

Known Issue:

The synth eyes and Riddick eyes will occasionally disappear after you pick them in the menu. I assume it has something to do with them being edited meshes, though I haven’t the faintest idea to be honest. Just move away from them, as if you’re planning to edit the cheek or something, and they’ll pop right back up. Just pretend it never happened.

OA1 Original
Features TL;DR:

Ten new eye textures

Pale eyelashes for new eye textures

Known Issue:

Sometimes, the eye mesh will pop out of the eye sockets for some reason. Just alter the shape of the eye and they’ll go back to normal. No idea why they do that, it just happens.


Mod Manager: Use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or other mod installation tool

Manual: Copy contents into Data folder

Credits and thanks:

Lograam, the author of The Eyes of Beauty, for allowing me to use his eyes textures as a base and an edited version of the eyelashes for this mod

ElminsterAS, zilav, hlp, Sharlikran, and anyone else involved in the creation of FO4edit, as I wouldn’t have been able to create this mod without it

jonwd7 and everyone else behind the creation of the Bethesda Archive Extractor (BAE), because without it I would’ve never discovered that the eyelashes had a separate mesh

The entire NifTools team for creating Nifskope, otherwise I don’t believe I would’ve been able to make the Riddick or Synth eyes

ousnius and gibbed for creating the Material Editor, which I also needed for the creation of the Synth and Riddick eyes

My boyfriend, for only using his nexus account for downloads so that I can do what I want with it (I’m too lazy to get around to making my own)

Bethesda for creating Fallout 4

Recommended Mods:

Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave
I assume a lot of people have this already, but if not i’d suggest getting it.

The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition by LogRaam
This is where I got the base for the texture, and my personal favorite eye mod. The blind eyes in my picture use this mod.

Fair Skin Complexion For CBBE by HHaley converted by Akujiki
This makes for a fantastic porcelain look on female characters using CBBE, which might be fitting for some people going the albino route.

Ghastly – Ghoul Eyes Texture by Cilbas
For people seeking better ghoul eye textures, these are the ones I use. They can be seen in the screenshots I took of my ghoul eye variations.

Luna Solaris
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