Pip-Boy Remover

Pip-Boy Remover

DOES REQUIRE YOU TO USE THE PIPBOY SMART PHONE APP! If you can’t use the smart phone app, then you will have no other choice but to use the power armor pipboy interface, or you will have to constantly type bat pipboyon and pipboyoff, which isn’t very fun πŸ™

This isn’t actually a mod, its just 2 bat files that removes the pipboy from your character, to where you can’t see it, or use it,
unless you’re wearing power armor, or you have the smart phone pipboy app.

1. First, Download the rar file, extract it, or put it where ever you so desire, I usually just leave it in my downloads folder.

2. Open the rar file, drag and drop the 2 pipboyon, and pipboyoff .txts, from the rar file, into your data folder (main mod directory).

3. Launch the game, load your prefered save, open the console, then type, “bat pipboyoff” (without quotations), and the pip-boy
will disappear.

4. Not having the pipboy will bug out the regular clothes and armor, and make you have an invisible wrist in some occasions. The fix
to that is to restart the game, load it again, and it should be fixed. I only had to do it once, and it worked flawlessly.

5. Now you’re done.


1. First, type, “bat pipboyon” in the console (without quotations) and the pipboy should reappear. If not, please let me know.

2. Then, (optional) remove the 2 bat files from your directory, and you should be done.

I’ve been using this for about a week now, and the only bug I ever saw was when I first did it, and it just made my wrist invisible,
and I fixed that just by restarting the game.
Please report any issues you may have, I have had none so far. Thanks for downloading.

The reason I made the bat file, is because I honestly hate the pipboy. I despise it, and I always have. I’ve hated it since Fallout 3, and the main reason is because it messes with armor, and clothes. In Fallout 3, it was a huge issue for me, because when I first started playing ,I didn’t mind it so much. But then I got power armor, and I realized how ugly it looked with the pipboy. Especially the T-51 power armor. The right arm was pretty big with it, but the left arm, made it look stupid, it was like looking at somebody who has masterbated for years with their right arm, but has never fapped with their left. Basically you got one huge arm, and one stickly skinny arm. I hated it. So then I got the Pipboy raedius, and I loved it, and its one of my must have mods for Fallout 3, and New Vegas. The pipboy didn’t bother me very much in Fallout 4 because the power armor, is actually power armor, so you can’t even see the Pipboy. But when you can, when you just wear regular clothes, it does bother me.

I one day hope that somebody replaces the pipboy with the Power armor pipboy interface, so then I don’t have to use the Smart phone pipboy app, because honestly, it has its problems. For me anyway.

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What is this mod use for

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