Plausible Weights – Weapons and Weapon Mods

Plausible Weights – Weapons and Weapon Mods

I put a lot of work into looking every single Part of those guns up and give them the correct weight. Including but not limited to: Scopes, Sights, Magazines, Barrels… Where there are no Real World counterparts i simply put some logic and sense into it and also took their optical appearance in Game into account – hence Plausible.

Example: Hunting Rifle
is a Remington 700 BDL / VTR

The weight originally for this in Vanilla Game is 11.7 lbs, while the new weight is 7.3-7.4 lbs, as much as the original one. The Hunting rifle is one of few Weapons that got considerably lighter, but it is not that easy, some got heavier and weight distribution is different. You see, in Vanilla Game weight of gun is mostly done by Receiver, mean if you want light Gun you pretty much need Light Receiver. Any changes to Barrel and Stock have not much influence to overall Gun weight.
This mechanic is not only annoying but also wrong. I aim to fix that. You want a light Gun? Take as much off as you can, short or no barrel and short Stock – and then some final tweaking with the Receiver. On the other hand if you add lots of stuff the weight goes up more…

In General it takes out some weight from Receivers and plausibly distributes it over the Gun Parts.

No edit of Plasma/Laser weapons. They seem to be reasonably weighted, but i might do them/some in future.

I do intend to also make the Weapon Mods which are not built in into a Gun make the correct Weight. They currently all are 0.5.

This Mod is part of more:
Plausible Weights – Grenades and Mines
Plausible Weights – Aid (finished)
eventually a realistic carry mod…

which i will release soon.

Manual Installation for now.
Unzip Plausible_Weights_Weapons_Only_LB.rar
Copy Plausible_Weights_Weapons_Only_LB.esp into you fallout4/DATA folder
Enable ESP

IMPORTANT: If you have other Mods that change weapon Weight you need to Have this mod after them in Load order!

Notes: I’m open for corrections and tuning on certain things πŸ˜‰

This might change the Game-play a bit. It changes Weapon weights – which i believe have influence on aiming System?

Source:, internet various πŸ˜‰

Derdir aka bashi
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What is this mod use for

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