Power Armor Autopilot

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Power Armor Autopilot

Current version 1.11: Fixed an issue where the dummy actor inside the armor would not despawn after removing the AI module.

Too many power armor frames, and not enough loyal bodies to fill them? Now you can turn those rusty old suits into combat-ready allies!

After crafting a Power Armor AI Module at any chemistry station, you will need to insert it into a suit of power armor which already has a fusion core. The suit will animate as a follower with full companion functionality, including trading, waiting, and commands. Removing the AI module will return the suit to its old inert self.

Suits have very high health, but they are not essential characters and can be killed, wrecking that frame.

Can’t stand clunky armor following you everywhere, but still want extra protection in a pinch? By crafting special signal grenades you will be able to summon up to three registered suits to any outdoor location, sending them hurtling down into the midst of your foes! Just watch out for massive collateral damage if you decide to airdrop a suit with the Explosive Vent mod…

Future Plans

Once the Creation Kit is released, armor delivery via Vertibird will be possible. Signal grenades will operate either by the current relay method or the new Vertibird method depending on your character’s current faction. I also plan to add voice acting to AI followers. When crafting the module you will be able to choose sex, personality, and talkativeness.

Technical Details and Known Issues

The AI module operates via an OnContainerChanged script function. Due to the boneheaded way Bethesda implemented stacks of multiple items, this function won’t fire if the item in question came from a stack. The script includes a workaround for this issue which automatically removes additional AI modules from your inventory and re-adds them as needed: the Pip-Boy will show that you’re only carrying one, but notifications will display the correct number whenever the stack size changes.

In order to implement an empty frame as an ArmorAddon, I had to alter an apparently unused vanilla model. There will be minor compatibility issues with any other mod which touches paframe_wastelander.nif.

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Special Thanks

Check out Orvid’s Caprica, the first working Papyrus compiler for Fallout 4. This mod would not have been possible without it.

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