Power Armor Overhaul MOD

Power Armor Overhaul MOD

Power Armor Overhaul MOD(v1.0.0)


・T-45 PA Parts = TorsoHP+50, LimbHP+15

・ALL PA ModelB~D, MkII~Mk.VI = HP+20~100→HP+20%~100%

・RaiderPA Welded Plate = HP+50→HP+50%

・T-45 Torso PA ModelB~D、MkII~Mk.VI = ExplosiveShield+5%

・T-51,T-60,X-01 Torso PA ModelB~D、MkII~Mk.VI = ExplosiveShield+10%

・Helmet = PER+2, AP+10, PoisonResist+5

・Torso = MaxHP+50, Weight+10, PoisonResist+5

・Arms = STR+1, Melee Damage +2.5, PoisonResist+5

・Legs = AGI+1, Weight+5, PoisonResist+5

・Titanium Plating = HP+10%→HP+30%

・Legeandary Almost Unbreakable = HP400%→HP200%

To enhance the power armor so as not to balance collapse.
Since the mid of Legend armor and clothing strengthen are complete,
Improved that the power armor is inferior to the flesh and blood outside the defense force.
Change in durability capitalize tanks settings and historical setting of each armor.

-Add additional effects of the poison resistance and SPECIAL rise.
-Model B (Mk.II) or more correct the HP of all of strengthening armor. (Magnification)
-In addition, model B (Mk.II) or more adding the explosion resistance of about 5% to the fuselage.
-The effect of the upward revision of the “titanium plate”.
-To change the PA damage rate of NPC from 300% to 200%. PA possession of the enemy becomes more firmly.
-Along with the balance adjustment, and weaken the “Almost Unbreakable” of Legendary effect.

※Please go to freedom modification or adjustment.
Customise is free.
Thank you.


・バランス調整に伴い、レジェンダリー効果の「Almost Unbreakable」を弱体化。


Change the damage at the time of difficulty “survival”.
200×100:(Player200%, Enemy50%→Player200%, Enemy100%)
300×100(Player200%, Enemy50%→Player300%, Enemy100%)
400×200(Player200%, Enemy50%→Player400%, Enemy200%)

Recommendation MOD(推奨MOD)
Legendary Modification:http:
Smart Targeting HUD:

Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMaP):

Sorry, please making patch. ;(
This mod was made with FO4Edit.

Credits: kfsgt
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