Power Goggles – Power Armor Mods for Goggles and Visors

Power Goggles – Power Armor Mods for Goggles and Visors

This mod adds the Recon Sensors (sighted aiming marks enemies with a compass pip) and Targeting HUD (highlights living targets) as upgrade options to all goggles and helmets with visors. I was pretty generous with the selection, such as allowing the synth helmet which has its visor up in the model. The cost and requirements are the same as for the X-01 helmet so I think that makes it balanced enough.

New: Received a request for glasses to have the same ability, so I made an optional addon for them.

Warning: The base mod will conflict with any other mods that change the same pieces (like mods that add ballistic weave and/or let you wear more armor pieces together). If you want to keep that functionality you’ll also need to download PowerArmorPlus and make sure it’s after both conflicting mods in the load order. If you don’t care about the other mod’s changes to these specific pieces, just make sure this mod is after the other in the loading order. The other mod should still work fine with all other clothing and armor.

If you don’t have conflicts, you can still download PowerArmorPlus to add ballistic weave, the ability to combine more armor pieces, and additional armor upgrades (for these specific pieces).

Modified Pieces
Assault Gas Mask
Brown Flight Helmet
Flight Helmet
Gas Mask
Gas Mask with Goggles
Medical Goggles
Red Flight Helmet
Road Goggles
Synth Field Helmet
Synth Helmet
Welding Goggles
Wraparound Goggles
Yellow Flight Helmet

Glasses Addon Modified Pieces:
Black-Rim Glasses
Fashionable Glasses
Liam’s Glasses
Patrolman Sunglasses

Made with FO4Edit. I also used Armorsmith Extended as the reference for the “Plus” patch.

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