Proto Vault Suit – Standalone

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Proto Vault Suit – Standalone

Adds 42 new craftable linings for all Vault Jumpsuits in the game by using the amazing nitronizer’s Proto Vault Suit texture.
If you make the math, that means 672 possibilities, knowing that the game already has 72, that is 600 more possibilites.

Number: 6 Different Vault jumpsuits
State: Dirty and Clean
Texture: Default, Blue, Lambda, Marine, Nova, Shadow, Snow, Stark
Misc mod: No misc, Proto, Insulated, Treated, Resistant, Protective, Shielded
(yellow ones are those that where added on this mod)

A) Manual way
A.1) First you need to download every single version of Proto Vault Suit from HERE. This is a REQUIREMENT !!!!
ProtoVaultSuit – Blue +
ProtoVaultSuit – Lambda +
ProtoVaultSuit – Marine +
ProtoVaultSuit – Nova +
ProtoVaultSuit – Snow +
ProtoVaultSuit – Stark
– Unzip all one by one in your ..\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\ directory and rename this directory:
…\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit TO
(Blue) …\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit_Proto
(Lambda) …\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit_Proto_Lambda
(Marine) …\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit_Proto_Marine
(Nova) …\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit_Proto_Nova
(Shadow) …\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit_Proto_Shadow
(Snow) …\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit_Proto_Snow
(Stark) …\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit_Proto_Stark

A.2) If you already didn’t this, and this is your first mod, follow this guide.

A.3) Download this mod and unzip it into your …\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data directory.
– ProtoLininng.esp and Materials must be parallel to Fallout4.esm

A.4) Open your …\AppData\Local\Fallout4\DLCList.txt and add ProtoLininng.esp to the end.
– If you have more mods, you must sort it, at the moment, I don’t know ant compatibility issues.

A.5) Enjoy.

B) Use Nexus Mod Manager
A.1) I can’t help here, it is too easy..

C) Use Mod Organizer
A.1) Using Mod Organizer, you can add every texture separately, but remember to rename every ..\[mod]\Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit same as explained at the “manual way”.

Technical Document
– Every Proto equivalent of any misc mod costs 1 more Leather.
– Every Proto equivalent of any misc mod has the ” Cool Looking.” description added.

Known issues
– At this moment, I have no idea how to make mod prefixes, so every jumpsuit modified with any Proto lining mod, will have the original name (like how it is without mods). If someone knows how prefixes works, I’ll be gratefull to know.

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