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Restored Basketball and Hoop

Have you built a basketball hoop at your settlement, but don’t like how rusty it is? “Restored Basketball & Hoop” replaces the diffuse texture for the basketball hoop with one that has been redone to give a much cleaner appearance. Additionally, the basketball itself is enhanced with decreased dirt, as well as improved coloration and additional stripes for a more realistic look.

(Relative to the Fallout 4 installation directory)

1. Open File Explorer and browse to %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4
2. Open Fallout4.ini in Notepad (or any text editor of your choice)
3. Scroll down to the Archive section and find the line that reads sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\
4. If not already present, add “, TEXTURES\” (without quotes) to the end of that line (example: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES)
5. Save the changes you have made to the INI file and close the text editor
6. In File Explorer, now browse to \SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data
7. Copy the Textures folder from this mod’s archive (zip file) to the Data folder

1. Follow steps 1-3 from the INSTALL section above
2. If you have not installed any other mods, remove “, TEXTURES\” from that line.
3. Follow steps 5-6 from the INSTALL section above
4. Browse into the \Textures\SetDressing\BasketballHoop folder and delete
5. Browse back into the SetDressing folder, enter the SportEquipment folder, and delete
6. If no other files or folders exist within the SetDressing folder, you can delete it (if no other files or folders exist in Textures, you can delete it as well)

Q: What does this mod change?
A: The diffuse textures for both the basketball and basketball hoop have been changed. The basketball hoop diffuse texture was almost completely redone, while the basketball diffuse texture was just an enhancement to the existing texture. There are only two files that have been modified in this release. You can find the exact names of these files in the INCLUDED FILES section above.

Q: Does this mod change the texture of all basketball hoops in the game or just the ones I build at my settlement?
A: Unfortunately, all basketball hoops appear to use the same model and texture, so this will affect all of them that exist in the game.

Q: Why does the basketball hoop still look a bit worn when in the sun?
A: There are other types of textures besides the diffuse texture that control the appearance of bumps and scratches. I am not as experienced with these types of textures and have chosen not to edit them in the current release.

Q: Will this affect my saved game?
A: Texture mods should have no affect on your saved game files, though it can never hurt to create a backup of your saves before installing any mods just to be safe.

Q: Does this add any new functionality/features to the game?
A: No, this is simply an appearance/texture mod.

HughesMDflyer4 – Diffuse texture modifications and mod idea

Credits: HughesMDflyer4
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