Silenced Energy Weapons

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Silenced Energy Weapons

Silenced Energy Weapons

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This mod modify energy weapons so that they are silenced by default.
This allow you to use Energy Weapons in a stealth game play also profit of the “Mister Sandman” perk.

Currently, no sound was touch in any way.


As you probably know, these kind of weapons wouldn’t make any noise as their ammunitions aren’t propelled by a detonation.
Laser weapons emit a laser which don’t make any noise (unless in a movie).
Gauss riffle use its ammunition to get the energy need to silently launch a high velocity slug with magnetic propulsion.
Plasma gun use its ammunition to make a ball of plasma which is also propelled by magnetic mean.

Work done

Add the HasSilencer keyword to these weapons:

Laser Gun
Laser Musket
Gatling Laser
Institute Laser Gun
Plasma Gun
Alien Blaster
Gamma Gun
Flamer Removed since version 0.2.0 as a Flamer is really noisy
Gauss Riffle

As a general rule, all above weapons modified by another mod mean that this mod isn’t compatible with it.

Compatibility list

Weapon Balance Overhaul since version 0.2.0

Work in progress

Update Gauss riffle to remove the “Suppressor” mod and avoid any strange effect which could occur because of it.
Update sound generated by these weapons to reduce it.


To be on the safe side, before installing this mod, please remove the Suppressor on your Gauss Riffle and don’t add it again.

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