Sneaky Companions

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Sneaky Companions

Adds two items to the game – Sneaky Ring and Sneaky Dog Collar. Give them to your companions to make them much more sneaky and quiet, invisible as a matter of fact, but only while you are sneaking, so you can still see them when you need to.

The items can be found in a file cabinet inside Vault 111, or simply use the console to spawn them.
Item codes are: x000800 and x000801 where “x” is the number of the mod in your load order after fallout4.esm. Or simply type in console “help sneaky 4 armo” and the items will appear in the search results. Then type “player.additem [item code]” like normal.

If you would like something like this for yourself, try Awesome Things, it gives you invisible sneak powers, jet pack, and no fall damage in one item.

~crafted with FO4Edit

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What is this mod use for

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