Sturdy and Heavy Synth Armor to Light

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Sturdy and Heavy Synth Armor to Light

Heavy and Sturdy Synth Armor to Light
Version: 1.0
Date: 01/19/2016
Category: Armour
Requirements: Legal copy of Fallout 4
Author(s): rad666a

Made with FO4Edit.

Do you think any Synth Armor, other than light, is just flat nasty? Do you refuse to use these armors, no matter how good that legendary may be, because they make your character look like a trashcan and not a heroic adventurer?

I agree completely, that’s why I made this mod.

I used to use “Synth Female Heavy to Light” by vac333, but it did not change the study armor, so I set out to make it better. This mod simply changes the Heavy and Sturdy Synth Armors to use the Light Synth Armor model, no more no less. No textures or meshes have been changed, to any replacers should work fine.

Works for both male and female characters.

Tested in game. Worked perfectly.

What this mod DOES do
Changes the appearance of the Sturdy and Heavy Synth Armors to use the Light Synth Armor model.

What this mod DOES NOT do
Does not use new models or change the stats.

None so far.

Future Plans
I may change Heavy Combat armor to use the Sturdy model, if there is enough people asking for it.

Add the “HeavyandSturdySynthArmortoLight.esp” to your Fallout 4 “Data” directory, usually found in “[Steam Install Directory]\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\”. Activate using the mod manager of your choice.

Deactivate the mod in the mod manager of your choice, then delete the “HeavyandSturdySynthArmortoLight.esp” file in the Fallout 4 “Data” directory.

I can be found on the Nexus, as “rad666a”

Thanks to vac333 for the mod “Synth Female Heavy to Light” that inspired this one.
Thanks to the entire FO4Edit team for getting their tool working with FO4 so fast.
Thanks to Interplay for creating the Fallout universe
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 4
and last but not least, thanks to the entire Nexus site family for maintaining the best Mod site on the web.

Any odd typos in this description is probably the result of me still getting used to my new keyboard.

Mods used in screenshots:
Black and White Pipboy by mm137 –
Black Synth Armor by RandomDesign –
Black Synth Uniform Recolor by akalor –

Please DO NOT upload this mod to another site without my permission.
If you have any suggestions on how to improve this mod, please post.

Download, Endorse, and Enjoy!

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