Survival Augmented Reality Headset (S.A.R.H)

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Survival Augmented Reality Headset (S.A.R.H)

First of all guys, i,m not the owner or creator of this model, and i don’t take credit of this, i,m just a uploader and i uploaded this why i wanna some modder make this model in a working model for the game, right now it’s just a model
Hello community!
Today i bring us a

(Survival Augmented Reality Headset)

A usefull headset equipped with a lot of devices, perfect to explore the wasteland all times, filled with a lot of things u need menawhile are outside day or night, in every moment, in every day
The idea why upload this device is simple, looks great for explore, and can be used for create a little quest to obtain, like a Vault-tec experimental prototype or Institute device, but anyways, must be merged to the game, later the imagination are the key for create the history of this device

– Thermal camera
– Camera
– Night vision camera
– Microphone
– Flashlight holder
– Solar power cell (free Infinite energy)
and much more things

———Formats aviable: Blender by original author and 3D model merged by myself———

Check the Images and video for more details

More info about the original author can be founded here, remember give all credits to the author, i’m only a uploader and i don’t take credit
These lines down are from the author of this model
This was my entry for the sketchfast4 contest

(invent your ideal augmented reality headset).

Have fun with it and feel free to use this Survival AR Headset for your project

– 42441 vertices
– 39638 polygons
– 68392 triangles

3d-Preview on Sketchfab

© DennisH2010
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