The Dadao – A True Chinese Greatsword

The Dadao – A True Chinese Greatsword

This weapons mod is standalone, not a replacer.

Name: Actual Chinese Greatsword
Date: 2/6/2016
Last Updated: 2/9/2016
Category: Weapons

Made at the request of the many for the needs of the few, the Dadao, a true Chinese Greatsword! Not some flabby scaled up Chinese Officer Sword, this sword comes with leveled lists, three different blades in the form of mods, and a little tiny hole at the end for you to hang it up on.

The sword is a custom mesh, with custom textures and.. Well that’s about it actually.

You can cut things with it. What else do you want with me

Not too much as of yet, suggestions are welcome.

So far I haven’t found anything worth putting here. You guys should complain more.

Can’t find the blade in the game? It is in the leveled lists of Super Mutants and Raiders, and starts spawning when the enemy is level 24, not you.

If you have version 1.0.0, 1.0.1, or 1.0.2, please download 1.0.3. The Old versions are uncompressed and may cause crashes. Thank Mr.Dave for the fix!

– Ah, a custom mesh? You must be one of those psychos using 3DS Max.

– No, infact. Everything in this mod was created using open source software, I used Blender to make the mesh. If you’d like a tutorial on how to do this yourself, I’ve made a video just for you.

– Hold up Mike, I fancy myself someone who likes scaled up in-game weapons, not these fancy shmancy custom meshes. Direct me to my destiny.

– Alright there Squire Vanilla.. Take this mod instead

– What’s with this orange and black thing you’ve got going on?

– Man. You can’t tell me it doesn’t look good. I’m super into it.

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