The G.I.Joe Action Pack

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The G.I.Joe Action Pack


This is a set of armors inspired by the classic 80’s-90’s cartoon show GIJoe. All the armors and a few accessories (various hats/helmets and a black colored Bandolier, mainly for SnakeEyes) are craft-able at the Chem station under the Utility tab and fully upgrade-able, weave and all, at the workbench. I’ll also be adding more Joe’s and Cobra to the pack as I make them, stay tuned for updates! ….so now you know…
And knowing is half the battle!

Thank you VERY MUCH to;

cat_woman1989 for allowing me use her Balaclava mod in this pack.

Azarkiowa for usage of the ponytail mesh from Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar

UPDATE -Corrected a few texture paths in a few meshes and BGSM files,
-Cleaned up a few textures
-Fixed a few clipping issue’s with the Bazooka and Law outfits
-Added Lady Jaye’s Hat WITH hair

Cobra Grunt
Major Bludd
Gung Ho
Alley Viper
Bar BQ
and more…

And also check out my other mods on my page. I hope you like em! If you do, click the Endorse/Track button. Cheerz!

Tookie Jones
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