TotalMeltdown’s Weapon Critical Overhaul

TotalMeltdown’s Weapon Critical Overhaul

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TotalMeltdown’s – Weapon Critical Overhaul

********** 0.5 BETA **********

This is an attempt to bring back the previous method of weapon critical by removing the forced VATS critical and restoring the individual weapon critical hit chance and damage modifiers. Allowing for Crits to be made outside of VATS and providing each weapon its own set of stats for crit chance.

These changes may effect NPC’s as well as the player and could result in criticals being made on the Player Character!

What this mod does:
Removes VATS critical meter fill rate by setting it to ZERO *Without* the “Critical Banker” Perk.
Sets individual critical chance and critical damage for each weapon using New Vegas stats pulled directly from the game.
Weapons *should* crit outside of, and independently of VATS.

Perk Changes:
Critical Banker – After much thought and some user requests, Critical banker will now allow critical meter fill chance on hit (stolen from vanilla Four Leaf Clover perk). Rank 3 will allow the “Banking” of a single VATS critical. Hopefully this will satisfy both requests to allow criticals outside of VATS as well as keeping the vanilla ability to use the VATS crit meter and banking of criticals.
Four Leaf Clover – Instead of filling VATS critical meter, this perk will now give a blanket multiplier to critical hit chance at 2x for rank 1, 3x for rank 2, 4x for rank 3 and 5x for max rank.
Grim Reaper’s Sprint – Rank 1 remains untouched at 15% chance to return all AP on VATS kills. Rank 2 now gives a 30% chance to return all AP on VATS kills. Rank 3 now removes VATS crit meter fill chance and gives the player a 45% chance to regain all AP on VATS Kills.
Iron Fist – Ranks 1-4 remain untouched. Rank 5 now adds a flat 25% chance of applying Paralyzing Palm to all melee based attacks. (needs testing for balance.)

– Conflicts –

Any mod that alters the base weapon settings will cause conflicts.
Patches for individual weapon mods may or may not be addressed in the future.

Limited testing results were positive but will need further testing for balancing.

Mods I think you should check out:
“No Health Level Scaling” by MindfulDroid (will reduce “Bullet Sponge” effect on NPCs)

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