Usable Cigarettes

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Usable Cigarettes

Few days ago KimberJ suggested me to make a mod that will make cigarettes usable in game. After some discussion i liked this idea and here it is. This mod not makes cigarettes itself usable since in such case you wouldn’t enable to scrap it. Instead mod brings usable flip lighter, if you have cigarettes in inventory then one would be removed and player character will play smoking animation. Lighters craftable at chem lab under UTILITY category and will appear in your inventory under AID category.


Packs and boxes. If you don’t have cigarettes but have cigarette pack or box it will be broken to cigarettes (packs). One pack breaks into 11 single cigarettes, and one box into 3 packs and 11 cigarettes.
Auto view switching. Mod will automatically switch you in 3rd person view in order to animation work, and if was in 1st person view it will switch you back when animation ends. Animation is vanilla one and lasts 60 seconds.
Two types of lighter. There is two lighter you can craft. one is regular. And one is golden, for swag.
Effects. Smoking will grant you +1 Charisma for 60 seconds which you may spend on dialogues. And +5% aim stability for one hour. Also if you health below 20% in will slowly restor it, but not above 20%. This percent chosen because below this value you hear a heartbeat, so smoking kinda calm you. Also if get addicted to cigarettes smoking will not refund endurance penalty.
Addiction. There is 10% to get addicted to smoking. Addiction penalty is -1 Charisma and -1 Endurance.
Game save. In survival mode smoking a cigarette will save your game.

Make sure you have done archive invalidation.
Use NMM for auto install or drag and drop files from archive to game DATA catalogue.

In order to properly uninstall mod you must open console with ‘~’ key and type
cqf UC_SmokingController Deinitialize
Console is not case sensitive. After you close console wait few seconds, in top left corner of the screen you will see notification. Save game end exit. Now you may delete related to mod files.

When camera view switches from 1st person to 3rd it gets too close to player and camera distance cannot be changed while animation plays. So better to switch in 3rd person view manually before use lighter.
If while smoking you open PipBoy and close it then cigarette in hand will disappear, but animation will still play.

KimberJ – original idea and some research.
Caprica Papyrus Compiler and Champollion PEX to Papyrus Decompiler by Orvid

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What is this mod use for

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