Vergessener’s Character Creation Tutorial

Vergessener’s Character Creation Tutorial


Firstly, I have not made a video tutorial because you won’t learn what you should if you just watch it. You have to understand from reading,
in my opinion. You can download this as a text file if you need it later on.

And thx Culuf for the correction, now you will understand everything πŸ™‚

This part is very important for success. Before you start Fallout 4,
bring a picture of the intended character either with a printout or on a separate laptop if you have one.
You will need another display for your work. For example,
we can take Walter White/Heisenberg and search for pictures of him. They must be pictures of a normal face,
not laughing or extreme facial expressions. Three pictures should be enough, one front view and two side-profile images,
as long as they are accurate. You need to know every side of his face.

Start the game and begin a new character. Something to note is, you should use the right character preset.
It’s very important for success. If there is no similar preset, choose one with the best head profile similarity.
Clean your character’s extra features, disabling all markings, makeup and blemishes.

Take breaks if you need a lot of time, and keep your image displays as references.

Understandably, the character editor for this work is terrible. Of course it’s good for a simple character, but for recreations it’s full of limits.
Though, you will have more than one way to reach your goal. There are very many points to use with the face.
Try to see what happens when selecting each face type. Remember, there are facial limits until modders create a better ShowLooksMenu.
Sometimes it can be frustrating.

If you try hard and attempt every face part, but do not agree with the accuracy, try another preset.
If it doesn’t work out, take a break and try again later. These things are harder to do when you’re frustrated.
Sometimes you have to change everything because one face part isn’t accurate and ruins the look. So, if you are very close,
finish and save. You have the opportunity to cheat later, if you’re not satisfied with the result.
Type “slm player” in the console, without quotes.
You should note, it is not the same character creation that you may be familiar with from other games.

It might help if you keep in mind the usual expression of the character you want to create. This should be your goal.
If your picture has the same expression, you will reach the best results.

Last words:
Many people do not need this tutorial because they create good characters without needing help.
Maybe some of you need it though, so I hope this helps you. Feel free to post questions for any points I have missed.


Check out my famous characters:

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Credits: Vergessener
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