Wasteland fashion

Wasteland fashion

This little project brings several outfits into the Commonwealth for a more cowboy/girl/wastelander feel. It started off as a personal project to do something as lore-friendly as possible, but I liked it a lot so thought I could share it.
I’m noob and this is my first time doing something like this for a Bethesda game, so there may be glitches, unexpected clipping and other horrible things. I have tested it quite extensively but if anyone finds anything I’d be happy to hear so I could fix it.
And since I’ve never done mashups before I have initially used assets from other mods. The authors of these mods have graciously allowed me to post my mashups.

The assets were used from the following mods:
Coats – The Bad-Ass Vault Dweller Long Coat by Eferas and cat_woman1989
Scarf – CROSS Uni Scarf by Niero
Tops, shorts and boots textures – Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB by Deserter X
Tops, shorts, boots meshes – Simply Clothes for Female by invalidfate

If you like this mod please visit the above folks too and endorse their amazing work, mine would not have been possible without them.

– 2 female outfits (hats are excluded) craftable under the Rugged outfits and Casual clothing categories in the Armorsmith Workbench (AWKCR)

– Vanilla female only – I’m working on a CBBE version and it will be uploaded in the next few days
– Looks like there will be a Bodyslide support – huge thanks to Ousnius for being awesome and helping fix the issue I had

– Not really a bug but a certain light the bottom of the coat has a black line. Its not very visible, but I found no way around it so far.
I don’t care about it, I prefer a long coat. My personal coat mesh is even longer making the line even bigger. If it bothers you too much however, I’m sorry I am not going to change it and I have no knowledge of HOW to change it. Maybe with 3DMax, but that is beyond me right now.
– I you crouch the coats will clip through the ground
– Sometimes if you run your heels will clip with the coats

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Valdacil and Gambit77

1. Click
2. Drop the contents of the zip file into your Fallout 4 DATA folder.

Q: What about the hats?
A: The hats+hair were combined in Outfit studio and placed in my game as a single craft-able mesh. Currently the mod the hairs were downloaded from is under moderation review. If it reappears, I will ask for the author’s permission to upload the hats. If they agree I will add the hats.
Unfortunately right now the hair colors of the mesh can’t read your selected hair color, so it will have to be replaced manually to match your hair color. I will not be doing any other hair+hood combinations for Alice hood – it will drive me crazy.

Q: Ballistic weave?
A: I think so. I followed Eli’s tutorial so it should be there. If not let me know.

Q: Can they be used with armour?
A: Yes.

Q: How to get?
A: Craft them on AWKCR workbench

Q: But I’m too lazy to craft
A: console ->
help Alice 4
help Rodeo 4

Q: I don’t use AWKCR and don’t want to use it.
A: I see no harm in using it, it doesn’t add or mess with anything visible in the game other than add a new crafting workbench. I prefer the vanilla crafting system myself so I dont use any mods that change it. AWKCR is safe in this regard and makes a job for modders simply easier. But fair enough, I’ll try adding a version which doesn’t require it.

Q: Will there be a CBBE version
A: Yep, Im working on it, but its very hard to convert properly – lots of clipping and body parts sticking out, and I do not want to release a half-baked product.

Q: Male versions?
A: Yes I will be doing them too

Q: Will there be more outfits?
A: Yes, I have a lot of ideas I just need time

Q: Y so dirty?
A: I like dirty πŸ™‚ But honestly I was going for something that would not feel out of place in the wasteland. I don’t know if I succeeded, you be the judge. Though I am not changing the dirt. There are plenty of great clean outfits here, wouldn’t hurt to have a few dirty ones.

Q: Will there be no midriff version?
A: Yes, Im nearly done with it

Q: Did you mess with the textures? They suck!
A: Lol, tell me about it. I still haven’t figured out how to do proper retexes, so if anyone does a nice retex I’ll be more than happy. Although I would ask it to be sent to me so I could upload it here, since this mod uses assets from other mods. I would recommend using a nice ReShade which could hide imperfections.

Q: The textures on the coat look stretched.
A: Yes I lengthened the coat, it was the only way to do it. It doesnt bother me. If it bothers you too much than Im sorry, Im not changing it. If you want the coat with great textures – Eferas’ is the one to have. I will try to work on the stretching some to bring it to a better shape, but I’m not sure if I will succeed. I would recommend using a nice ReShade which could hide imperfections.

Q: Can you do a compatibility version for mod X… and mod Y…. and mod Z, and A,B,C,D,….?
A: O.O

Q: …..
A: …..

Q: …..?
A: …. Look I barely managed to get them in-game. Anything more is beyond me. Besides I use a minimal number of mods and have no intention of changing that.

– Please do not re-upload and change without my permission
– Re-texes are more than welcome but please PM them to me so I could upload them here.
– Conversions for any CBBE body shape are very welcome too, heck it would make my life a lot easier. But please send me the files so I could I upload them on this modpage. The reason – same as for retexes – assets used from other mods. To not double the work – I’m doing CBBE curvy.

Eferas and cat_woman1989 for the coats and their textures
Niero for the scarf mesh
Deserter X for the tops, shorts and boots textures
Invalidfate for the tops, shorts, boots meshes
Dragbody for the tutorial on alpha transparency
Elianora for the tutorial on putting the items into the game
jonwd7 for B.A.E. and nifskope
Ousnius and Caliente for the Outfit studio
Gibbed for F4 gibbed tools
ElminsterAU for the FO4Edit
Bethesda for the great game

Credits: Ascendia
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