Wasteland Girl Armor AWKCR_AE Patch

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Wasteland Girl Armor AWKCR_AE Patch

Go get this instead – Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded MultiPack All-In-One. More options, more colors, more BETTER, and it includes the AWKCR/AE patch compatibility.

This is a patch. Wasteland Girl Armor required.
– contains ONLY edited esp file – no mod assets (e.g., meshes, textures, materials)

Armor & Weapons Keyword Community Resources and Armorsmith Extended crafting and compatibility patch made with cloud911’s blessing.

* Immersive crafting
* Additional armor modification options
* Can be worn with other armors.

1) Install and activate latest AWKCR & AE versions (required).
2) Requires Wasteland Girl Armor to be installed first
3) Install AWKCR/AE Patch – overwrite WastelandGirlArmor.esp

all original (SPECIAL) ability modifications

AWKCR – Related
– Adds crafting option at the Armorsmith Workbench
– Modified item slots consistent with AWKCR
– Bikini…………slot 38
– Gloves………..slot 34/35
– Pants…………slot 33
– Jacket………..slot 37

Crafting: All items are labelled with the aesthetic category “skimpy”
**depending on your setup, items may show up in crafting categories by type vs. aesthetic category
– Tops…………..Bikini, Jacket
– Gloves………..Gloves
– Bottoms………Pants (Bikini Jeans, Corset Jeans, Jeans)

Armorsmith Extended Related Changes
– Added appropriate AE armor modifications for each item
– Gloves: AE glove mods, removed ballistic weave option (consistent with other AE gloves)
– Clothing items (Bikini, Jeans, Jacket): Add-on (e.g., braced, pocketed), Lining, Ballistic Weave (Railroad)

Additional Changes

– Tweaked item values (reduced) to be more consistent with other AWKCR/AE patched clothing/armor items
– Tweaked (increased) armor values for Jeans (15 –> 25, consistent with other pants in mod) & Jacket (10 –> 25, just because I felt it needed more defense)

SkyCrap Feckin Games
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