Wasteland Rose – Companion Edition – Piper – Cait – Curie

Wasteland Rose – Companion Edition – Piper – Cait – Curie

Made for a request.
This mod changes the face of the female companions, based on one of my characters.
All the faces are optional in the install, so you can choose to have one, two, or all three companions to use this face.

Made with FO4Edit and Face Ripper.

If you want to use this face on your character, I uploaded a save file too.


No mods are required, but if you want your characters to look like the screenshots, I strongly suggest using the following:
Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures (with the vanilla underwear optional) by Fuse00
Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition by Mr Dave
Wasteland Salon – Hair Texture Improvement Mod by Limo
Alternative Human Eyes (with the longer lashes optional) by TwistedMethod
deLuxe – Lip Liner Mask by Cilbas
Immersive Mouth and Teeth by ClearanceClarence

I also use a modified Alone 0.5 Reshade by archidan85 with DoF/McFX settings from Photorealistic Wasteland FX (State of Bright) by Giggaz-Bijou.

Download with NMM Manager, then choose the plugins you want with the installer.


Choose manual download, and extract the .esp you want to use into your Fallout4\Data folder.

If you changed your companion using the LooksMenu, the plugin will not be able to overwrite that, so you need to reset the face using Face Ripper.
Open up Face Ripper, select your save, type the companion’s ID in the box under your save file and click ‘Reset Face”.
Companion IDs for Face Ripper:
– Piper: 402F1E
– Cait: 479249
– Curie: 5647C6

NOTE: This mod might not be compatible with other mods that make changes to your companions. Always load the mod AFTER any other plugins
that make changes to companions.

Future plans

– Optional modifications of this face for the different companions
– Base outfit/weapon changes if I manage to figure out how to do it

Thanks to the creators of the mentioned mods, xatmos for Face Ripper, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran for FO4Edit, Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool, Bethesda for making yet another awesome game, and of course all the Fallout community!


Check out my other stuff too!
Badass Danse
Wasteland Rose Save File

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