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Anime hug pillows


This Mod allows you to have 20-60-120 hug pillows in-game with different textures.
NOTE: These are the first 3 Packs, I will be posting more. Each pack contains 20 hug pillows.
All in one Pack Contains all 60 Craft-able pillows and is now available.

UPDATE#1: Craft-able all in one 60 pack now available.(read below for more info)
UPDATE#2 Added 60 more pillows for a total of 120 pillows

Thanks FingerCeaser for the great video πŸ™‚

Thanks VatiWah for another great video πŸ™‚

Version 3 Craft-able 60 pack all in one. Remove any previous version and download and install with NMM or Manual.

Old Version V1 and V2: (Not compatible with all in one)
Please only use 1 pack at a time. (applies to version 1 and version 2 of mod)
Download and install with NMM or download and install manually.


Craft at any settlement or workbench(V3 all in one 60 pack and V2 20 packs)
Pillows located under decorations/wall decorations/mounted creatures.

Alternate method: Open command console “~”, and type the following,

help pillow 4 misc

This command will list all 20-60-160 hug pillow ids from 1 – 20 1-60 1-160. (depending on version of mod your using)

Now type

player.additem id and amount you want.
All hug pillows go to your inventory under junk menu.
EXAMPLE: player.additem 49000813 5 will give myself 5 hug pillows for the id I choose.

Please let me know if you have any trouble.

The all in one 60 and new Optional V2 .esp has a bug where you get free pillows simply by looking at them in the crafting menu or exiting the crafting menu with pillow menu open and selected (they go straight to your workbench),but does not affect vanilla crafting or other mods. So bug or bonus you decide. πŸ™‚

Create and add more texture packs (working on it)

Thanks to Detrax14 for helping me make craft-able.

NOTE: I am a new modder and I do apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you with the initial release.

Credits: Captainx16
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