Better High-Tech Lights – on-off switch bugfix and more

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Better High-Tech Lights – on-off switch bugfix and more

This mod fixes the broken light switches that would not let you turn the High-Tech lights back on after switching them off! It also fixes several other bugs, makes the lights brighter and includes three optional texture packs that give the orange/yellow lights consistent colors. See the change log below for full details of what this mod does.

Update: Fallout patch v1.3.132 seems to have partially fixed the HT light switches. However there is still a bug that if you move a light from a powered to a non-powered area while it is switched on, then try to activate the light, then move it back to the powered area, the light switch will break again. So my light switch fix is still necessary.

PS. You still need to find the (vanilla) Picket Fences magazine to get the High Tech lights.


– The on/off light switches on the High Tech lights have been fixed (yippee)!
– An on/off switch activation sound has been added.
– The “WorkshopSwitchActivatorKeyword” has been added to each light (it was ommitted in vanilla).
– The vanilla Z-fighting issue on the lampshades of the round vanilla ceiling lights (when they are on) has been fixed.
– A vanilla typo in the path of the wet textures has been fixed [“template/defaultTemplate_wet.bgsm” -> “template\defaultTemplate_wet.bgsm”] – The glow of the lamp shades and light bulbs have been made brighter (more realistic).
– The light emmission has been improved (larger radius, less fade, better color) to be more realistic.
– The cubemap on the models was changed from “mipblur_DefaultOutside1” to “ShinyGlass_e” and scaled appropriately. This removed the inappropriate outdoor city pseudo-reflection on the lights.

The main file does not change the vanilla textures of the High Tech lights. Three optional texture packs are available: orange, yellow and pale yellow. These packs retexture the orange/yellow lights to be of a consistent color (the cream-colored lights remain vanilla).

Drop “Better High Tech Lights.esp” and the Meshes subfolder into your game Data folder (the fixed light meshes will then be in “Data\Meshes\HTLF”). Activate the esp file using your favourite mod manager.

Optionally, download one of the texture packs and put the texture files into “Data\Textures\SetDressing\HighTech”.

Compatible with everything, but load order will prevail if any other mods also change the attributes of the High Tech Lights.
Will work well together with Workshop lightbulb Emittance Fix by fadingsignal.

– A side-effect of fixing the light switches is that the High Tech lights now work without power. This is because the vanilla Havok behavior file (WorkshopNoTransitions.hkx) is defective and doesn’t recognize the “On”, “UnpoweredOn” and “UnpoweredOff” activation states (“Off” still works). My work-around was to change the “On” and “Off” activation labels in the meshes to “Open” and “Close”, which worked. However, there is no fix currently available for the “UnpoweredOn” and “UnpoweredOff” activation states until someone figures out how to edit the broken Havok file (which is a proprietary format).

– The first time you operate the light switch, you may have to activate it twice. This is a bug in the Havok behavior file and is present in vanilla.

Made using FO4EDIT, NifSkope 2.0, B.A.E. and Photoshop CC.

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Credits: steve40
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