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Caves Of The Commonwealth

Adds 5 brand new Cave locations and 5 new quests. Custom audio, custom textures and custom animations. Designed to fit right into the vanilla game with balanced loot and lore friendly backstories. Roughly 2-4 hours of gameplay.

Caves of the Commonwealth is a location & quest mod that has the player visiting 5 brand new locations, exploring and fighting your way through each of them. Aimed to fit seamlessly into the vanilla game with a nice balance of looting and combat. Rewarding for players who take a little extra time to look around. Featuring mostly environmental storytelling and backstories progressed through a handful of audio holotapes, notes & terminal entries.

– 5 brand new Cave locations with custom textures & material swaps (7 interior cells total)
– 5 Lore Friendly Quests (4 main quests with custom quest icon animations, 1 miscellaneous quest)
– Each Quest has optional side objectives and there is also a couple of skill checks.
– Balanced loot (mostly handled by level list)
– 2-4 Hours of gameplay
– Full quest summary for each objective to help the player keep on track
– Some Unique Weapons/clothing rewards with custom textures
– FOMOD installation option for Default Lighting or Darker Lighting
– Find all the Hidden items (5 artifacts, 4 duffle bags cash, 7 caps stash) not required

How to Start:
There are multiple ways to approach Caves of the Commonwealth. The official start to the quest is by entering the cave north west from vault 111. Once inside you will find a Map that will direct you to the rest of the caves.

If you want to find the caves via normal exploration do not read the map, reading the map reveals the locations in your pipboy.

Vanilla radiant quests may also use these locations.

Because the locations are spread around the map, each cave has been balanced for the area it is located. The further south or east the more dangerous the cave will be. Some areas will be challenging for a lower level player.
No perks are required at any point to progress the quests, locksmith and hacker may come in use but will not be required.

Install one of the main files with mod manager. This mod has no requirements.
1.2 allows the player to choose Default Lighting or Darker Lighting during install.

There are also performance versions available that might benefit people with older CPU’s and GPU’s. This version will have better performance in some of the caves by using Pre-Vis and Pre-combine data. This version is significantly larger in file size. Only install one file.

Caves of the commonwealth does not change anything in the ‘commonwealth worldspace’, objects are added to the ‘Persistent worldspace cell’. This means it will not conflict with any mods that effects pre-combines.

The following mods (that add interiors/edit the exterior world) were in my load order at the time of developing this mod so I have chosen to use locations that are un touched by these mods and therefore should be perfectly compatible:

– Sim Settlements 2
– Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2
– Tales from the commonwealth
– MoreXplore
– Wild Wasteland
– Inside Jobs
– Stumble Upon Interiors
– Diamond City Expansion
– Atomic World
– Appletree Bakery and Creamery
– Unique Scavs
– The Tunnels – For Cave People and Molerats

This mod has been cleaned with fo4edit and wrye bash (no deleted records). This mod does not make any changes to any vanilla interior/exterior navmesh. This mod does not effect any vanilla Pre-combines.

Anyone can make translations for this mod as long as credit is given, and my original file is a required download. So if you upload an translated version of the ESP do not upload any of the archives so people download them from this original mod page, or make a translated patch that loads after my file.

Credits: shreddah4
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