County Crossing Raider Settlement Blueprint

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County Crossing Raider Settlement Blueprint

Nothing fancy, lightweight build at County Crossing with Nuka-World Objects (settlement building is stupid).

What This Is
My Lightweight build at County Crossing with Nuka-World Raider objects.

County Crossing is a bit of a hotspot for the ‘NPCs Travel’ mod and very crash-prone when using ‘Sim Settlements’. So I made this for myself so I can actually approach/fast-travel to County Crossing without worrying about a Crash-to-Desktop (CTD).

The general rule before importing is to scrap everything you can as vanilla as possible (without “Scrap everything” mods).

25 Beds
Armor & Weapon workbenches, Cooking and Chemistry stations
Booze, Chem, Armor, Weapon, Gear, & Outfit Raider Stores
Phoropter (Subliminal Messages Variant)
Fast Travel Mat
Booze Still
Pick-Me-Up Station
Tribute Chest
Nuka-World Transmitter
Soda Fountain (Appetite Suppressant)
Radio Amplifier
Beta Wave Emitter
Scavenging Station x3
Power Cycle 1000 x2 (BuffOut Variant)
40 Water
1 Food (Appetite Suppressant Soda Fountain)
41 Defense (Missile, Heavy Laser, Heavy Machine Gun Turrets, and Guard Posts)
31 Power

This blueprint by default will take slot 40 (You can change it to any other slot as long as it’s between the numbers 1 and 50 with a quick rename to the folder).

Wasteland Workshop (Required)
Contraptions Workshop (Optional; you lose out on the “towers” the a few of the turrets are sitting on)
Nuka-World Workshop (Optional; you lose out on the Raider Stores and other items)
Vault-Tec Workshop (Optional; you lose the beds and the Vault Experiment objects)
Transfer Settlements – Shareable Settlement Blueprints

A Quick note for those who don’t know that even if you don’t have the required mod(s) the Transfer Settlements mod simply won’t import the items/objects from those mod(s) and you’ll still get everything else although it may look empty and out-of-place.

Credits: CasshernX
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