Ever wanted to add more than one of those cool looking Melee Mods (Chains, Nails, Razors, Saw Blades, etc.) to a Baseball Bat at a time?

Ever feel the need to do all the damage types at once to your enemies through means of a Melee weapon?

I have balanced this pretty well and it is NOT overpowered, looks cool, and is very fun to use!

The weapon will NOT turn your enemies into piles of goo or ash for all of your gory tactile pleasure!!

This Baseball Bat doesn’t just have 2 of those cool looking Melee Mods it has ALL of those cool looking Melee Mods on it, and one from a Sword… REASONS!!

I bring to you my 14th weapon related mod “Cuddles”!

AMMO/Mod Info!!!:
This weapon, as mentioned before, is NOT very OP, but some might still consider it OP, (compaired to my last two weapons this is like hitting them with a pillow, a very sharp lethal pillow… but still a pillow) it still takes me more than one hit to kill a regular Deathclaw with it, so yeah NOT OP…

This weapon does come fully integrated into the game!

It can drop from what are basically my own version of Raider Psychos, which I renamed “Deranged Raider”, the weapon does have a fairly high drop rate maybe about 40-50%, more on this in the Disclaimer.

This weapon’s damage is controlled by means of a single legendary mod I put on it called “Elemental” it adds the following damages in very small amounts (so it is not irrationally OP), with the most being physical as it is a Baseball Bat:

The weapon also has 7 different weapon mods attached to it with a Cryolator base, they are:
Barbed Wire
Saw Blades
Serrated Electric Sword Blade (sticks out of the top, looks cool… REASONS!)
(Maybe one more that I am forgetting.)

Most of the mods above have been altered by me to make them, and thus the weapon, even LESS broken than it could have been.

This weapons’ value is 11,000+ caps.

**This weapons native damage is zero, all the damage is on the legendary mod that I made for it.**

***You can bring this weapon to any weapon bench in the game and mod it, but I highly reccomend NOT doing this, as it might reset the number of mods that can go onto it, not sure haven’t tried.***

**This weapon has the “Zeta Push” effect on it, and WILL send your enemies flying when you hit them, provided you don’t kill them. (They will be covered in a very cool looking radioactive flame for a while.)**

*****IMPORTANT: The NPCs that I have altered, and that can drop Cuddles are basically a more beefed up version of Raider Psychos (Deranged Raiders), they have 150 health instead of 30, they have buffed up Strength and Perception as well and they REPLACE Raider Psycho NPCs (still drop the same stuff though, minus ofc Cuddles).*****

*****IMPORTANT: These Deranged Raiders if they get pissed enough or you get close enough now have (as seen in one of the pictures) this weapon and they will use it… on you. If you see one of them pulling it out RUN, or just laugh as you go flying 50 meters away, and get set on radioactive fire. I do recomend taking these guys out at range.*****

This weapon has the Nuke Impact Set attributed to it, so it will leave huge ass textures when you hit stuff with it… also small rocks fly out.

As mentioned before, this weapon is what I call “Elemental” and will do 6 different types of damage (in very small quantities) with a single swing: Radiation, Electric (considered energy in game), Energy, Poison, Cryo, Fire, and Physical. All of which are controlled via a single Legendary Mod.

***There is no craftable items for this mod, it is integrated into the game by means of buffed up Raider Psychos (Deranged Raiders), as mentioned before.***

*This is my 17th mod for Fallout 4. I still do not know everything, so please go easy on me if I do not know how to fix or understand an issue that randomly comes up.*

*****As long as you do not use this mod for monetary gain, feel free to use this mod however you please, but give me credit, and I would appreciate a PM letting me know what you are tinkering with.*****

If you have any ideas for weapons or a mod of some sort don’t be shy let me know, I prefer through PM, and I will get back to you and let you know how feasible it is through our current limitations of modding.

Cuddles is a standalone weapon, and uses an .esp file. This file will go into your Fallout4 -> Data folder. If you have a desktop icon right click it and “Open File Location” then drop it into the Data folder. If you just hit “Play” on Steam then go to Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> Common -> Fallout4 -> Data.

I guess various mod managers will automagically recognize the .esp and check it off. I do not use one for FO4 and if you do not either then go here: Users -> (Your Computer Name) -> AppData -> Local -> Fallout4 -> plugins.txt. Add the line without quotes “Cuddles.esp” under the Fallout4.esm in whichever load order you wish.

To acquire the weapon or the ammo look for Raider enemies in the wasteland, then look for the gingers as they are Deranged and can drop the weapon.

If you still want it badly enough without using the help command then use this method (Deranged genocide method):
1) Bring up the console command
2) Type without quotes “tcai”
3) Go somewhere far from civilization, an empty area.
4) Type without quotes “player.placeatme (enter Raider Psycho now Deranged Raider code here, yes I am lazy) (then the number that you want here)”
5) Exit concole command and commit Deranged genocide.
5 1/2) If you forgot to enter the “tcai” command you will know it now as all of the Deranged Raiders will all try to have their way with you at once, if this happens bring up the console command and type tcai.)
6) If you do not get the weapon then repeat steps 1-5 until it is aquired.

I will not give out the codes. Hunt it. It is worth it.

Credits/Thank Yous!!!:
Thanks to Bethesda of course for the game.

Thanks to the makers of FO4Edit as well which is a great tool with a very minuscule learning curve also.

Thanks to my tester Derpsdale.

This mod is brought to you from the extremely sick and twisted mind of myself, using FO4Edit, if you wish to use this mod or part of it in another mod please read the disclaimer section above, and give me some credit.

Thank you for your downloads/endorsements (hopefully), more weapons to come…

Enjoy “Cuddling” with your worthless enemies!!

Also Check Out My Other Mods!!!:
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Credits: Derpsdale
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