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Damage Threshold, or simply DT, is the mechanic introduced in Fallout: New Vegas in addition to damage resistance DR. This is a plane number subtracted from incoming damage before DR is applied. It allowed to even completely negate damage if it is lower than your total amount of DT, so weak weapons like 10mm won’t hurt you at all when wearing power armour for example. And it works for both the player and enemies wearing armour. Unfortunately Bethesda removed it in Fallout 4, but thanks to TheTalkieToaster and his Damage Threshold this mechanic is brought back.
The only problem is adding it to existing and modded armours. It would require support from all mod authors who create new or modify existing armous (which is unlikely to happen) and result in insane amount of compatibility patches.
The another more universal approach is to create a global dynamic patch for load order of user to calculate and add DT to all armours automatically, for any existing and future armour mods. This is where this patcher comes in.

Damage threshold patcher is a script for FO4Edit that creates ESP patch plugin to add DT values to armours, DT is calculated this way
DT = DR * fDTMult + iDTAdd, where
DR – base unmodded damage resistance of armour
fDTMult – multiplier, the result is rounded to the upper integer number. Default is 0.1
iDTAdd – plain additional value. Default is 0
Lets say we have some armour with DR = 12, then 12 * 0.1 = 1.2, upper rounded to 2. Then 2 + 0 = 2, so the resulting DT=2 for this armour.

Those parameters can be tweaked at the top of the script to your liking, there are also additional params that control DT distribution
iDTCap – the max value for DT. Default is 5
iDRMin – armours with DR < iDRMin won't receive any DT. Default is 5
iPatchPowerArmor – 1 patch PA, 0 – don't patch. Read Damage Threshold mod description about DT and power armour health issues. It has solutions, but if you are stll afraid of using DT on PA, you can disable patching them completely.


1. Download and unpack FO4Edit anywhere if you don't have it yet. Unpack DT patcher script into Edit Scripts folder of FNVEdit.
2. Download and install Damage Threshold, activate Damage Threshold.esm plugin in your Mod Manager.
3. Run FNVEdit, wait for it to finish loading. In the left pane select plugin(s) you want to create patch for with Shift+Click, or you can click anywhere in the left pane and press Ctrl+A to select all plugins (the prefered method).
4. Right click on selection, click Apply Script from popup menu.
5. Select "Fallout 4 – Damage Threshold Patch" from dropdown list. If it is not there, then you put it in the wrong location in step 1, check again.
6. Click OK and wait until it finishes, "Apply script done" message will appear in the messages log. During execution it will ask you for patch ESP file name and to add masters, confirm everything.
7. Exit FNVEdit and save generated patch plugin.
8. Activate it in your Mod Manager, make sure it is located at the bottom of load order after all patched mods.

If you updated, installed or uninstalled mods that affect any armours, delete the old patch and create a new one. If your game crashes when patch plugin is activated, this means you removed a mod that patch relies on. In that case delete it and create a new one. If your game still crashes, then make sure that Damage Threshold.esm is activated in your load order. And if you still crash after that, then this has nothing to do with this patcher and the problem lies elsewhere.


Patch plugin doesn't contain any game scripts or other sorts of information that could stick in your saved game. You are absolutely safe to add, regenerate and remove it any moment.

Credits: zilav
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