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Eli’s Rugged Outfits – CBBE

Mod adds ten new outfits to the game. They can be crafted at the armourSMITH workbench. Not the armour workbench. Not the chem station. The armoursmith workbench, which comes from Armour & Weapon Keywords Community Resource. Don’t have it? Craft it.


This mod introduces CRAFTING CONDITIONS. You need the Wasteland Survival Guide – Crafting Edition. You can buy one from either Tinker Tom, Lucas the caravan armour merchant, or Deb in Bunker Hill. The recipes WILL NOT show up at Armoursmith Workbench unless you have this magazine in your inventory. When you’re done with crafting, just store the magazine wherever. This is to prevent a ton of clutter in the crafting menu when using multiple large armour mods. I have my armour collection, Armoursmith Extended and my accessories mod and my crafting menu is full of items.

At the armor workbench you can upgrade these with ballistic weave.

You can wear armours on all of them. They will clip like mad, so don’t blame me if you do. The Armoured Skirts have a very high armour rating due to the fact that they have armour pieces over them already.

All outfits (yes, even the skirts) work for both genders. Skirts have (dodgy) physics.

The female outfit meshes that come with the mod are shaped to the CBBE base model, so you can use this out of the box with CBBE without doing BodySlide. If you want to have your custom preset then batch build in BodySlide like usual.


– CBBE for the female armour
– Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)

If you intend to EVER only use the male versions, or not thinking of putting
any of the armours on female characters like settlers or companions, then you don’t need CBBE.


• My Hawke blood smear
• Black Pip-Boy (with white details) by shiz0
• Cinematic Excellence ReShade
• Wasteland INK -Player Tattoo- HERETIC

The Waste Maiden + Anchorage is my own custom hair mod.

:: FAQ ::

Q: Make a patch for X.
A: No, I don’t either use mod X or don’t know how to setup this stuff to work with them, I already spent ages on this mod.
I made this for myself, it will be up to the community to add patches to the files they use.

Q: I want colour X!!
A: No. I like making new armours but I don’t like making 50 variations.

Q: QQ about clipping!!!111
A: If there are HUGE issues, then please report, but if you have a tiny 1mm x 1mm spot of skin somewhere when in an obscure position,
please ignore it, I don’t intend to fix that.

Q: Will this be a part of your Armour Collection?
A: Probably not. These outfits were a nightmare to make and I don’t feel like making a vanilla conversion since I don’t use vanilla female stuff.
Anyone is free to convert these to vanilla if they want.

A: Don’t like men with skirts? Don’t wear a skirt. Anyone giving me grief about this will be instabanned. Go be a bigot elsewhere.
Did you notice all the dresses in the game have their own male versions? I merely did the same thing. It might not necessarily look the best, but it’s there.

Q: Make an armour like Y.
A: No.

I’d love to see your characters sporting my armours!

:: MY FO4 MODS ::

– Really Red Rocket
– Eli’s Rugged Outfits – CBBE
– Apocalypse Accessories
– Eli’s Sleeveless Outfits (CBBE)
– Eli’s Utility Jumpsuits
– Eli’s Armour Collection Remade
– Eli’s Craftable Flower Pots
– Eli’s Retextures and Recolours
– Eli’s Companions Overhaul
– No More Broken Dressers
– Hawke Blood Smear

Credits: Elianora
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