Ever ENB – performance friendly all-round ENB

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Ever ENB – performance friendly all-round ENB

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Note: This mod is best used together with Darker Nights, in order to not have super bright nights.

Update: Version 1.3.2 is now uploaded. In it, I have made both presets brighter and tweaked colors to compensate for the brighter image.


Added Ever-ENB Warm 1.2.6. In it, I have tweaked the cooler colors to be more noticable in the distance.


Check the screenshots labeled 1.2.5, Most of them are picked to show how dark shadows are treated.

Now the Ever ENB Warm and Cool 1.2.5 presets are uploaded. In it, I have brighten the colors and tried to avoid getting to dark shadows in darker weather conditions. Here is a comparison with warm v1.1:

I am workin on an update on the Warm preset, trying to keep details in shadows during not as bright weather conditions.
Expect an update soon, thereafter I am going to do similar update to the cool preset as well.

There are now two versions of this ENB preset. The original with warmer colors, and an alternative with cooler, and more neutral colors. Check the image section where you see each image labeled as either warm or cool. [/b]

– Description –

Ever-ENB is my attempt to create an ENB-preset that works at all times while playing. This is not a preset for those who hunt a perfect screenshot. This ENB is for anyone wanting a nice preset to use for playing the game. Of course, this preset won’t be perfect in all situation, but it is decent in most. In my opinion, it does improve the visuals overall, to my liking.



I created this preset to enhance my own gameplay experience. Since I don’t have monster computer, my aim is to have a performance friendly ENB.
In this preset, I use color corrections mainly and depth of field. I also have a small blur/sharp effect added. Of course, anyone can easily disable depth of field or enable bloom or lens effect. The main attraction so to speak is the color preset in this setup.

– Installation –

You need to install the enb v0.291 to use this preset.

To install this preset, simply download it manually and copy the files and the folder to your fallout 4 main folder, where you find your fallout4.exe file (not ‘data’ folder).

Credits: foreverasir
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