Exchangebale Nail Chips (Manicure)

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Exchangebale Nail Chips (Manicure)

Exchangeable nail chips (manicures) by kaw

Being a Taiwanese, English is not my natural and primary language. Sorry but the spelling/grammar/usage maybe not completely right.


This mod adds a set of nail chips (manicure) that you can wear (equip) it like gloves, and change the colors to each fingers separately as you prefer.

As it’s counted as “gloves”, you can have your female character/followers/settlers wear it freely. (Sorry but no mesh for male)

*It will provide only 1 damage resistance and +1 to charisma when equipped.

You can use the default colors I provided with this mod, or make your own color/design and replace the textures with little effort.

There comes 15 color variety for all or each of the 10 fingers, means you can combine any color of your choice to each fingers freely.

The varieties are:

Aqua (Light Blue)
Beige / White French tip
Pink / White French tip
Bright Red
Dark Red
None (Remove the attached nail chip)
Your Custom Color (as Default)
*just for convenience, you can replace all colors/designs as you like
**I’m using a black / yellow French tip as default. All fingers also set to this “Your custom color” when obtained by default.

Remarks: I’m developing it further…including new mesh and new translucent light therapy (see pictures). Hopefully a new version can be uploaded within April.


To obtain it in the game:
You can create “Nail Chips (Manicures)” on a chemistry station (category: Utilities) with some easily obtained resources,
or by console command player.additem xx000800(xx = mod order)

To change colors/combination:
By modding it on an armor workbench just like any armors. You can rename it as you like, or change colors at will. There are 11 mod slots you can use:
*No skill/resource required/consumed, and won’t give any experience by modding colors.

1 “All Fingers” slot: Batch change of colors to all 10 fingers in one single action.
Please to be noticed it just over-writes the color, it will not update the status of actual color mod to each fingers.
You can restore the settings to reflect the color of each fingers’ previous color respectively by choosing “All fingers : Restore respectively” on this slot.

10 “specific finger” slots:
L1/R1(Left/Right Thumb)
L2/R2(Left/Right Index Finger)
L3/R3(Left/Right Middle Finger)
L4/R4(Left/Right Ring Finger)
L5/R5(Left/Right Little Finger)
Change the color to any chosen specified fingers.

As it’s counted as an armor with particular armor mod, It will keep the name given, and color settings with it. You can make several sets and change them as an equipment anytime you like.
* It occupies “34-LEFT HAND” & “35-RIGHT HAND” slot.

To use your custom color(s):

Just replace the diffuse map ( texture with your custom one inside the texture folder.
folder path: Fallout4/Data/Textures/kaw/nails

You may want to change “” first as it’s the default color when a new set of nail chips created, and easier to check at once in the game.

Feel free to replace others too except the “blank” one if you like to add more.

*A UV-map (nailsUVMergeFin.png) also included in the texture folder for your convenience when making your custom/original designed textures. You can make/distribute you own color sets if you like to. (Top side up on the right)

Other notices:

I created this mod just for adding some personal flavor to my game. It’s not in a perfect state but only acceptable to me. As there maybe someone who also wants to have it even it’s not perfect, so I decided to have it released. I’m not a specialist so please don’t expect much on me and use it at your own risk.

There maybe no further development to make it better in the future, however you are encourage to modify it by your own.

Known Issues:

Some meshes with clippings/flows on certain situations.

The status of actual color mod to each fingers not updated after “all fingers” batch change was used.

Not all color combination are fully tested. There might be some bugs unnoticed.

Not supporting male characters.

Global model is a vanilla “wedding ring”.

* Sorry but there is chance I’ll not update/develop this mod further. Please try to solve it yourself or waiting for someone who’s willing if you’re not satisfied.

Installation :

Install it like other mods, by NMM or manually coping related files to folders accordingly.

Uninstallation: use NMM or delete the related files accordingly.

Necessary files / Compatibility:

This mod was an original stand alone one, should work well with other mods without conflicts.

However as I’m using Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE in my game, I would like to recommended it as necessary.

As CBBE is compatible to Vanilla game, I guess it’s alright with vanilla game too, but no promise.

Introduction Video from Tyrannicon (Thanks)


HANDS mesh:
Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

The mesh and texture of the hands came from CBBE as I’m using it in my game. Thanks and all credits belong to its authors.
– Caliente
– Ousnius
– NifTools team
– Epitaph78 for the idea/concept of the body physics
– Shocky for assistance with SevenBase and the creators of the SevenBase shape
– EU4ORICK for designing some ‘UNP’ and ‘Dream Girl’ presets
– Includes awesome Dirty Raider skin textures by Ubercharge! Thanks!
– Various alpha testers

*Please also follow the terms provided by CBBE if you’re redistributing your mod of this mod if any.


Mesh and texture made by me (kaw/foxey). It’s also provided as modder resources.

I granted permission here to anyone who want to make/distribute their own mods using it, no need to ask for my permission as long as you don’t make profit from it.

Adding a link back here is appreciated.

Tools used creating this mod:

This mod was made with the aid of tools listed below. Appreciate the efforts and kindness to all authors and people involved in creating them.

NifSkope 2.0 Pre-Alpha 4 (for exporting obj and nif manipulations)

FO4Edit 3.1.3 (for creating stand alone eps file)

Body Slider/Outfit Studio (for importing obj, bone-weight copy, exporting to nif)

Material Editor (for material BGSM manipulations)

Blender (for 3d mesh manipulations, UV mappings) with nif import/export plug-in

Gimp2(for textures manipulations) with DDS plug-in

Credits: kaw
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