GRASSLANDS – A Fallout 4 Grass Overhaul

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GRASSLANDS – A Fallout 4 Grass Overhaul

Updated to version 1.1, see changelog tab for details

This mod was made with FO4Edit, Photoshop, Nifscope and Material Editor

Wanna help? Check out the “Posts” section for info

Lots of reports have said that this mod offers little to no FPS loss!

Looking for something different? Check “Spring in the Commonwealth” and “Green Commonwealth” grass mods by foreverasir

Not just a re-texture

“Grasslands” is an overhaul which offers new grasses to the game including flowers. The flowers offer beautiful meadows (in my opinion) in some areas of the game such as in the forests, which now are a lot more alive. Not just forests have been modified however, the cities now have more life to them with grass growing out of the piles of rubbish and debris, the marshes have been modified, and could actually offer better performance than the original game! The beaches and other areas have also been changed to look better.

There may be a performance hit, although from my testing it wasn’t much of an impact. There are performance editions on offer, which lower the density and remove grasses underneath the water to improve fps.

There are two versions of the mod. “Healthy” will look like most of the screenshots and videos and has flowers and meadows, “Unhealthy” is a more dead looking version, and doesn’t have any flowers but may also have better performance.

For help with mods I suggest visiting Gopher’s Channel and also Gamerpoets for helpful tutorials regarding modding Fallout 4



Use a mod manager! I suggest NMM

Download the mod to your mod manager. With NMM simply click on the “Download With Manager” button on the files section

Make sure you have bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 under [Archive] in your Fallout4Custom.ini


Install the mod and overwrite all if asked

Have ONLY ONE esp enabled at a time


Double click on the mod in NMM to uninstall, press delete to completely remove it or disable the esp in the plugin section to stop the mod from being activated, although the textures will still remain


Compatable with any mods apart from ones which modify grass using an esp, such as “More Grass”, or “Lush Landscapes”


Bethesda for the game

Zilav and ElminsterAU for the amazing FO4Edit



ousnius for Material Editor

Elinen for Hodminir Flowers

Credits: Doodlezoid
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What is this mod use for

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