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IF-54 Battle Rifle

IF-54 Battle Rifle by Skibadaa v1.0
Somebody asked if I would make a “Combat Rifle”, so I did. This is it, the IF-54.

To make this I utilized assets originally created and uploaded to gamebannana by Shortez (aka. brain collector).
Specifically his “Magpul Moe Stock” and “Magpul Moe Handguard”. Thanks Shortez! you rock!

Shortez (aka. brain collector):

As ever, everything else was taken from vanilla assets.

Mods include:
9 5mm Recievers, 5 Semi-Auto and 4 Automatic
15 .308 Recievers, 9 Semi-Auto and 6 Automatic
5 Barrels!
14 Sights/Scopes!
4 Muzzles!
And 5 grips!

A word on firepower:

The 5mm recievers are lower damage but have armour penetration across the board, .308 has higher damage.

If you are using “Loads of Ammo – Switchable Ammunition Types” by TheTalkieToaster, and I would sincerely recommend you do, because its fucking GODLIKE, I have included a patch that will make the IF-54 able to utilize the ammo switching system.

Get “Loads of Ammo – Switchable Ammunition Types” here:

Sligth has created a compendium of performance friendly re-textures for standalone weapon mods, including all of mine, get it here:

I have added a replacement esp to the optional downloads section that is fully compatible with AWKCR and fully utilises the shared keyword framework and its crafting system. This means that If you use this version of the plugin you wont need to use any other AWKCR patch for the mod, and In game you will only be able to mod the IF-54 if you have it equipped.
This is the tradeoff of utilizing the shared keyword framework that AWKCR provides, any weapon that utilizes it can only be modded when it is equipped.

If you just want to use the standard plugin and have crafting support then Valwereth and Stabcops both have AWKCR patch compilations that will allow the weapon to be crafted from the weaponsmith bench, between them you should be able to patch any weapon on the nexus:

AWKCR by Valdacil and Gambit77:

Val’s patch compilation page:


1. -Download the main file.

2. -Copy the contents of the zip to your Fallout4 “data” directory, or Install with NMM.

3. -Activate “SkibsIF54.esp” in your load order.

-If you are using LOADS then also activate “SkibsIF54-LOADS.esp”, making sure it is after “SkibsIF54.esp” in your load order.


4. -Load the game.

5. -Smoke some fools.

If you just cant wait to get the gun, here is the console code:

player.additem xx000823 1

Where “xx” is the mod position in your load order.

Or type:

help IF-54 4 weap

and the code will be listed for you.

Known Issues/Possible Conflicts

-If you use the AWKCR version then in game you will only be able to mod the IF-54 if you have it equipped. This is the tradeoff of utilizing the shared keyword framework that AWKCR provides, any weapon that utilizes it can only be modded when it is equipped.

-There are reports that indicate that this may not play nice with mods that alter the commando perk tree. I dont have enough info to fully confirm this, but it might be something to consider when troubleshooting.

-I know that the double drum clips with your pipboy, that’s the price of having the double drum. Personally Im not bothered by this.

-If your game crashes on startup its because you done goofed. You installed the LOADS patch when you dont use LOADS. Missing master files cause ctd’s on game load, Its that simple. Long story short:
If you ever experience a ctd on game load its your own fault, because you havent checked your load order properly, or you didnt read the installation instructions for this file, or you blindly ticked every checkbox in the FOMOD without bothering to read what it does, or all of the above. This is BASIC people, sort your life out.

-After much discussion and testing it has become apparent that mod managers that use virtual filing systems are hella buggy with fallout 4. For whatever reason mods installed through NMM or MO wont always register with the game, and this manifests as missing file bugs ie: purple/pink textures, invisible meshes, missing or muffled sounds. Specifically, the multi HDD option in NMM is known to cause these bugs. So for now I would advise you to not use the multi HDD option in NMM, and if you do then prepare to enjoy bugs. If you can, install mods directly to your fallout 4 data directory, yeah it takes a bit more effort but it will ensure that loose files are found by the game.

-Due to the method that I have used to create this weapon It ends up being far more resource intensive than a vanilla weapon, or even another standalone weapon that has scratch built assets. This wont be a problem for anyone who can run the game on high/ultra at 50+ fps. But if you are running the game on a very low end system, particularly if you have less than 6gig of ram, then you may encounter CTDs in the craft menu/pipboy menu when you try to look at the gun.

-Anything that adds items to the same levelled lists will cancel out all changes without a merged patch.

I have made a short video tutorial on how to make a merged Leveled list patch with FO4Edit:

Version History

v1.0 – Original release.

v1.0a -Front sight textures on the assault barrel fixed.
-Short stock texture altered to match the black furniture theme.
-Front sight mesh scaled down to be less “chunky”.
-Suppressor OMOD now references the correct Miscmod item.
-Automatic recievers now fire bursts in VATS as they should.
-Removed incorrect range offsets.
-Fixed the range offset on the suppressor, no longer causes negative range.
-Fixed the suppressor incorrectly changing the projectile to buckshot.
-Increased the range of all barrels.

v1.0b -Edited semi auto fire rates, made them faster.
-Added custom muzzleflash.
-Added full AWKCR support.


Additional Assets

“Magpul Moe Stock” and “Magpul Moe Handguard” by Shortez

Shortez (aka. brain collector):

Mod Production

Me, for making this mod.

The Nifskope team, for Nifskope.

The FO4Edit team, for FO4Edit.

Bethesda, for Fallout 4

Video Reviews

Big thanks to Mudcups for his video review!

Big thanks to NOZGaming for his video showcase!

Big thanks to Fonnie Dro for his video review!

Big thanks to JR Mods for his video review!

Big thanks once again to Tyrannicon for featuring this mod in his youtube showcase!

Big thanks to Pixelgamer for featuring this mod in his youtube showcase!

Big thanks to Vatiwah for featuring this mod in his youtube showcase!

Big thanks to Zerodomai Kitsune for featuring this mod in his youtube showcase!

Shameless Self Promotion

Check out my other F4 mods;

Credits: skibadaa
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