Laser Cannon D3TH Sentence

Laser Cannon D3TH Sentence

Ever get sick of enemies, not seeing explosions, or just life all together (in FO4, not talking emo BS here)?

Ever want a weapon that no one can claim is not OP enough?

A new benchmark in OP, not just in FO4, but with out a doubt in any game you have ever played has been made!

I bring to you my eleventh weapon related mod “Laser Cannon D3TH Sentence”!

Thanks to krusty knuckles for the awesome video:
If you like it please subscribe to his page, as he might get encouragement to make more videos of my new mods in the future.

AMMO/Mod Info!!!:
As I mentioned before, this weapon brings OP to an all new level that I actually didn’t think was possible until I made it. (And I really, really, really, really like explosive things, and OP weapons.)

This weapon and it’s ammo come fully integrated into the game!

*****Deathclaws of any form, Legendary or not, have a ~35-40% drop rate of between 1-9 pieces of ammo at once while the weapon has a ~1% drop rate. So it is up to you to render their species extint!*****

The weapon comes with 4 different legendary mods attached to it, they are:
Two Shot
Never Ending

The weapon also has 8 different weapon mods attached to it with a Gatling Laser base, they are:
Overcharged Capacitor*
Long Recon Scope
Broadsider Fluted Barrel*
Charging Barrels*
Flame Muzzle*
Electric Muzzle*
Laser Beam Splitter*
Laser Diffuser*

All of the mods above with a * to the right of the name have all been altered by me to make them, and thus the weapon, even more broken.

This weapons’ value is 181,096 caps (what else would you expect from a ~1% Deathclaw drop rate).

Sure you could just type in killall in the command console, but lets be honest this is SO MUCH MORE FUN!!

***You can bring this waepon to any weapon bench in the game and mod it, but I highly recommend NOT doing this, as anything that overrides the projectile will make it not work right. Or it wouldn’t have a Cannon anymore which would be crime with extreme consequences if you were caught.***

*****Given the extremely broken and explosive nature of this weapon, it can lead to some extremely funny accidental character suicides from distances that you would not think are possible.*****

*****Two glitches that I have run into with this gun are you cannot melee attack with it, and if you fire it without ammo it will let you know that do not have ammo, but it will continue trying to fire and sort of flop off to the right (it will go back to normal after you let go of the fire button). I have not figured out how to fix these issues, but they do not last and are easily avoidable (If you are close enough to melee attack anything and still have this weapon equipped, you are WELL past your legal limit of DETH wish!).*****

If you have a PC with low specs your PC will hate you (and me for making it) for using this mod. You are welcome!

****Any Deathclaws in the game, Legendary or not, can drop either the ammo or weapon or both. If you arn’t getting it then KILL MORE!! I will provide the Deathclaw spawn code in the Acquisition section.****

The projectile that this weapon uses is modeled after the Power Blue Laser (different from the Institute Projectile) and are linked to a more powerful (damage, rads, force, and AoE) Liberty Prime Bomb explosion.

**This projectile has no clue what gravity is (being a laser), and will never pretend to be a parabola and arc.**

***There is no craftable items for this mod (weapon itself or the ammo), they are integrated into the game by means of Deathclaw, as mentioned before.***

*This is my 15th mod for Fallout 4. I still do not know everything, so please go easy on me if I do not know how to fix or understand an issue that randomly comes up.*

*****As long as you do not use this mod for monetary gain, feel free to use this mod however you please, but give me credit, and I would appreciate a PM letting me know what you are tinkering with.*****

If you have any ideas for weapons or a mod of some sort don’t be shy let me know, I prefer through PM, and I will get back to you and let you know how feasible it is through our current limitations of modding.

The Laser Cannon D3TH Sentence is a standalone weapon, and uses an .esp file. This file will go into your Fallout4 -> Data folder. If you have a desktop icon right click it and “Open File Location” then drop it into the Data folder. If you just hit “Play” on Steam then go to Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> Common -> Fallout4 -> Data.

I guess various mod managers will automagically recognize the .esp and check it off. I do not use one for FO4 and if you do not either then go here: Users -> (Your Computer Name) -> AppData -> Local -> Fallout4 -> plugins.txt. Add the line without quotes “LSRCNNNDTHSNTNC.esp” under the Fallout4.esm in whichever load order you wish.

To acquire the weapon or the ammo look for Deathclaws in the wild and kill them. If you really want the weapon and ammo badly use the help command (use this only if you don’t want to commit massive Deathclaw genocide, which is fun).

If you still want it badly enough without using the help command then use this method (Deathclaw Genocide Method):
1) Bring up the console command
2) Type without quotes “tcai”
3) Go somewhere far from civilization, an empty area, or as seen in the video just create your own arena in a settlement.
4) Type without quotes “player.placeatme 1DB4C 100” (You can swap the ‘1DB4C’ code with your favorite Deathclaw code if you wish, I personally like ’17E717′ myself, which are Legendary Chameleon Deathclaws.)
5) Exit console command and commit Deathclaw genocide.
5 1/2) If you forgot to enter the “tcai” command you will know it now as all 100 of the Deathclaws will all try to maul you at once, if this happens bring up the console command and type tcai quickly, unless you want to go full BADASS.
6) If you do not get the weapon then repeat steps 3-5 until it is acquired, turn tcai back on afterwards (you can swap out the ‘100’ number for something smaller or larger depending on how many Deathclaws you want to spawn).

I will not give out the codes. Hunt it. It is worth it.

Credits/Thank Yous!!!:
Thanks to Bethesda of course for the game.

Thanks to the makers of FO4Edit as well which is a great tool with a very minuscule learning curve also.

Thanks to my tester krustyknuckles.

Thanks also to krustyknuckles for the video (it is good, watch it).

Thanks to DethKlok for their epic song “Laser Cannon Deth Sentence” which I got the name from, and modeled the weapon after.

This mod is brought to you from the extremely sick and twisted mind of myself, using FO4Edit, if you wish to use this mod or part of it in another mod please read the disclaimer section above, and give me some credit.

Thank you for your downloads/endorsements (hopefully), more weapons to come…

Enjoy you new extreme OP power, if you can find it!!

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Credits: Derpsdale
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