Lucky Shot – Random Critical Hits

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Lucky Shot – Random Critical Hits

For players like me that never use VATS, the new critical hit system is effectively non-existent. Having your play-style completely overlooked by the developers is never fun, so here comes Lucky Shot to solve the problem and reintroduce the random critical hits we all know and love from previous Fallout titles.

Because of modding limitations until the GECK is released, the new random critical hit system is implemented as a chem, appropriately named ‘Lucky Shot’. Crafting Lucky Shot is meant to be cheap and easy, with no perk requirements, and just these materials:

[1] Nuka Cola
[2] Acid
[1] Jet

Every time you craft Lucky Shot, it produces 4 doses, with each dose lasting 1, 4, or 8 hours (or: 136 years) real-time. Ideally, once the GECK is released, Lucky Shot will be rewritten to remove the chem altogether, and simply add a permanent random critical hit system.

Here is the chart that shows the chance of a critical hit, based on your level of Luck.

Like New Vegas, every level of Luck (from 1-10) increases your chance by 1%. Unfortunately NV was built with random critical hits in mind, so there are many perks and items that increase your chance of a critical hit, as well as an inherent critical hit chance based on the weapon itself. Because Fallout 4 lacks all of these, Lucky Shot is balanced to make over 10 Luck progressively more effective. After 10 Luck, your chance of a critical hit increases by your current Luck – 10. So there is a 5% increase in chance from 14 to 15 Luck. This should give you a good reason to wear all the lucky items you can scrounge and down all the luck boosting chems you dare.

Created alternate plugins that change the Lucky Shot chem duration from, 1, 4, and 8 hours, and one that is 136 years.
Created a FOMOD installer that makes choosing your preferred duration extra simple.

Credits: RabbitB
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