NanoHelmet Variations

NanoHelmet Variations

**NEW FILE, only for those using the option with Nanomask – PLEASE REDOWNLOAD**
Fixed errors affecting transparent face plate and female Nanomask (for this version only). Big thanks to chasscz, Alagosir, and lorddraoblade for pointing out the problems, providing important details on the problem (vs. hey this broke, why no work), and helping me troubleshoot.

NanoHelmet Variations
Fixed errors affecting transparent face plate and female Nanomask (for this version only). Big thanks to chasscz, Alagosir, and lorddraoblade for pointing out the problems, providing important details on the problem (vs. hey this broke, why no work), and helping me troubleshoot.
New variants on the NanoArmor helmet(s) and NanoMasks by Vasstek (produced with full permission from Vasstek to used and edit the resources from his mods).

Two new NanoArmor helmet variations (Vanilla and AWKCR versions).
Helmet with no face plate: Helmet only – original face plate removed. Allows users to equip eyewear and masks from the vanilla game or (BETTER) other mods. NOTE: Due to the nature of the original mesh and the wide variability in headgears, there some clipping does occur with some masks (and maybe some larger eyewears). This is not really noticeable if your helmet and mask/eyewear are the the same base colors (e.g., black helmet & black mask/eyewear), but can be obvious for some items (like the gask mask with goggles) if your helmet color does not match your mask/eyewear.

Helmet with transparent red ballistic glass visor. Additional face wear cannot be equiped with this version for obvious reasons. This was only possible thanks to the brilliant work by those who came before me who figured out how to create the transparent glass effect (see credits).
–Requires NanoArmor 2.0–
File name: NanoHelmet Variations – NanoArmor 2.0 vanilla
File name: NanoHelmet Variations – NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR_AE

Nanomask Variation (AWKCR/AE only).
**NEW FILE – PLEASE REDOWNLOAD (NanoHelmet Variations – NanoArmor 2.0 – Nanosuit 5.0 AWKCR_AE – fixed2), fixed transparent face plate for this version, fixed invisible Nanomask (breather) on female characters**

Nanomask without goggles. I loved the mask with the goggles, but thought it would be nice to be able to wear the mask with other eyewears or alone, similar to a repirator or rebreather. With a bit of mesh editing in outfit studio (again credits and thanks to the creators), that dream became a reality. This is rally the extent of my mesh-related skills, hopefully its enough.
–Requires NanoSuit 5.0–
File name: NanoHelmet Variations – NanoArmor 2.0 – Nanosuit 5.0 AWKCR_AE

You must install NanoArmor 2.0 (and Nanosuit 5.0 for the Nanomask) BEFORE installing these additional variations.
While each variation uses its own unique mesh, other game assets (i.e., textures and material files are installed by the original master mods and not duplicated here).
If using the AWKC/AE versions, these mods must be installed and active.
Failure to install Master mods will result in CTD.
NanoArmor Helmet Color: Screenshots are for display purposes. Actual NanoArmor Helmet color in your game will be the same as the color you selected when you installed NanoArmor 2.0. The Nanomask breather only comes in black. The blue helmet in screenshots is shown only to demonstrate potential clipping issues.

Vanilla Version: Chemistry station, under Utility

AWKCR/AE Versions: Armorsmith workbench, helmets under Armor (nano), Nanomask under Cybertech/Thermoptics.
**Require Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource AND Armorsmith Extended

Note about AWCKR/AE versions: NanoArmor helmets have the vanilla flight cap beneath (as in Gambit77’s Prototypes Extended). If you don’t like the flight helmet underneath the Nanohelmets, it’s easy to remove. Open the esp in FO4edit. In the left side menu – 1) expand the main mod, 2) expand the Armor section, 3) click on the NanoArmor helmet (there are two versions). Now in the right menu, 1) scroll down to Armatures, 2) right click the blank space to the right of the second Armature entry and select remove. That’s the only edit needed. Save and close FO4edit. Now when you restart your game, the flight helmet under the Nanohelmets is gone.

Known Issues
NanoArmor Helmet (no face mask): clipping with some helmet/mask/eyewear combinations, see screenshots (with blue helmet) for examples

NanoBreather: the mesh for the mask was edited in Outfit Studio by me and my extremely limited skills. It was very difficult to get the mask straps “behind” the characters’ ears. The meshes we tested using ONLY the base male and base female heads. The mask looks good on both male and female characters with the NanoAmror helmet and on characters longer/thicker hairs. For shorter hairs, the mask looks ok with the heads I normally use in my own game (see screenshots, but there may be clipping with different head presets. If you have the skill, time, and desire to further edit/improve the fit of the meshes for the Nanomask, please contact me. Happy for any help to improve the look or increase compatibility with different head presets/builds.

All of my Nano variations, additions, and patches.
Nanosuit (4.1) Color Changer
NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended patch
Nanosuit 5.0 AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended patch
NanoHelmet & NanoMask Variations

Huge Feckin Thanks
Elminster AU: FO4edit
Vasstek: base helmet meshes from NanoArmor 2.0 & Nanosuit 5.0
Transparency: clory (Clear Hazmat Helmet and tutorial), cat_woman 1989 (Helmetless Hazmat Suit and tutorial), Jyasu (Glasses Galore)
The NifTools crew: Nifskope 2.0 pre-alpha
Ousnius and Caliente: Outfit Studio
KoVaLR: for Russian translation

Mods used in screenshots
Nanosuit 5.0 Vasstek
Witcher – Geralt’s Prologue Gears(Witcher mask) renn
Black Alternate Gas Mask and Wrapped Cap Lynx77
Night vision goggles GreenIsTheBest
Red Weld Goggles and with black mask and Glow Sabre Shark
Kerrigan Bodysuit (goggles) Guffeh, Flaicher, Vasstek
Looking Fabulous – Additional Hairstyles Shadowvalor
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar Azar
*please let me know if you think I missed any

Credits: SkyCrap Feckin Games
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