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NPC Limited Ammo

Installation is now simple and easy thanks to tranquility511, no more .ini tweaks will be necessary. However, if you are not getting the NPCs to use ammo correctly, make the following changes to your ini:
Choose one of the two main .esp’s to install.
Open your Documents/My Games/Fallout 4/Fallout4.ini
Add the following line if it is not already there.
[Combat] bForceNPCsUseAmmo=1

What this mod does is help rebalance the game to handle an ini setting that makes all NPCs (even companions, turrets, and enemies) use the ammo in their inventory when they shoot at you. Sadly, the game is just not set up out of the box to handle those kinds of changes, and so this mod helps to balance ammo drops on NPCs and to change how turrets use ammo so they aren’t completely nerfed. NPCs need a little bit of extra ammo so they actually still pose a challenge, so choose either Balanced (the best balance for your game) or Realistic (currently my recommended version), where NPC’s have a decent amount of ammo. This will be a recommended addition to any playthrough that features Hardcore style settings, pushing your realism up to the next level.

This mod changes the following things:
Automatically sets the bForceNPCsUseAmmo ini setting to true, so NPCs will now use the ammo in their inventory (including companions, turrets, etc).
The drop rate of ammo on all NPCs. The change in drop rate is necessary, since NPCs will be blowing through that ammunition while shooting at you!
The type of ammo used by all turrets. If your turret was placed before installing the mod, simply select it in the console, and type “recycleactor”, or pick up and place back down the turret. Do not use the recycleactor command on companions.
Increases the amount of unplayable NPC ammo on all of your companions. This ammo is tagged unplayable, so you can’t use it, only your companion can.
Modifies creature weapons like the Bloatfly larva weapon to spawn the creature with ammunition to use by default.
Should have low impact on ammo found in ammo boxes and the like. Changing spawn rates for weapons may however increase the ammo found with those weapons.

Planned Features:
A Turret patch. Right now, turrets use up ammo WAY too quickly. This will have to add in new unplayable ammo that turrets can use.
A companion’s weapons patch. Since companions use up even their unplayable ammo now, it will probably be best to replace all companion’s weapons with playable versions.
Find all of the entities which may be adversely effected by the INI setting and patch their ammo listings.
An optional patch that would add small melee weapons to most NPCs so they have something to fight with when they are out of ammo.

Patch Notes:

Version 1.3
Removed all Behemoth entries, and placed the Behemoth Boulders into a different list. Should increase compatibility with other mods.
Fixed the Shotgun, Rocket, and Laser turrets equipping the wrong ammo. You may have to recycleactor or pick up turrets which were bugged.
Added much more ammo to enemies with the Minigun.
Also added much more ammo to Glory, to help support the mission you find her on.
Added support for additional companion ammo types that may be needed for other patches.

Version 1.2
Fixed companion ammo, even for companions you met before installing the mod. Now each companion ammo has 16777215 shots in it (like how a fusion core works), so they should conceivably never run out of ammo.
Fixed creature ammo for the following creatures: Bloatfly, Bloodbug, Mirelurk Hunter, Mirelurk King, Mirelurk Queen, Super Mutant Behemoth, Protectrons, Mr. Handies, Assaultrons, Sentry Bots, and a giant robot of doom you should all know by now.
Further fixed Turret ammo, which got the same treatment as companion ammo. You will still need to reset old turrets though.
Had to overwrite Codsworth’s flamer to work with the new system, could cause compatibility issues with other mods which overwrite his weapon.

Version 1.1
Included the INI setting automatically, thanks to tranquility511 and his NPCs Use Ammo patch. Both mods are now integrated.
Modified container ammo loot entries to compensate for modified base ammo drop. You shouldn’t see extra ammo in containers now.
Changed all turrets to use unplayable ammo. Turrets will not run out of their ammo any time soon, and will have the same amount of ammo in their loot as vanilla.
Companions you haven’t yet met will have 65535 of their unplayable ammo now, so they shouldn’t run out quickly anymore. Companions you have already met are not yet effected though.

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NPC Limited Ammo

Credits: SephDragoon and tranquility511
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