PhotoRealistic Commonwealth

PhotoRealistic Commonwealth

v 0.1
This release contains an esp file with ENB&ReShade Frameworks files.
The esp plug-in modifies all standard weathers for more natural colors and atmospheric effects. A few new weathers are also added, including variations of the clear, overcast, foggy and rainy weathers, few very bad and apocalyptic weathers and a very rare sand storm. The game is now equally balanced between light sunny days and dark post-apocalyptic atmospheres.

Nights can be a little bit darker to much more darker, depending of the weather conditions. Every interior locations of the game are also darker with a lot more believable lighting. The A.I have been tweaked to ensure that this new lighting conditions don’t break the gameplay.

The ENB&ReShade preset was developed in tandem to overhaul the plug in and the global visuals of the game. It resets the white balance, enhances the lighting values as well as the global lighting, adds richer tons, reorganizes the saturations levels and the color relationship, bypass the game luts and adaptation system, adds DoF and sharpening etc etc… A lot of work have been put in the color corrections and in the performances optimizations.

It is a relatively FPS friendly preset that should cost, more or less, around 5 FPS on good systems. (Mine is 4690K, gtx970-4go, 8Go, W8.1 and my framerate always stays above 50fps)

The preset is modular, and you can easily disable features that you don’t like.

You can use the plug-in or the preset on their own, even if the preset is tuned for the plug in, using it with the vanilla weather would work but will fail to achieve the exact same visuals of the plug in+ENB combination.
The PRC plugin can also be used with any other ENB, but may require some preset tweaking.

ENB makers are welcome to use it for their own presets, as long as they link to this page for downloading the plug-in and that there is no money involved.

If you ONLY use the ENB ( which is perfectly fine) : You won’t need Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks and Darker Nights,
(depending of the level of Darker Nights you used), or any other lighting mods.

If you use both the esp+ENB, you won’t need Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks, Darker Nights and FogOut, or every other mods
that change the weather, the lighting, the fog distance, the colors etc.

This is an early but fully playable work-in-progress modification that will be updated on a regular basis. If you notice any strange colors or values or any bugs of any kind, please let me know. Next update will add more weathers and more lighting tweaks.

(included in the Readme)
First, uninstall any mods that alter the weather, the distant fog , the lights and the luts-colors, you don’t need them anymore. Make sure to properly uninstall any previous Reshade/swfx/enb preset you may have installed in your Fallout 4 folder too.

Download the latest ENB for Fallout 4.

01: – Put only “d3d11.dll” and “d3dcompiler_46e.dll” from the Enb/WrapperVersion folder into your Fallout 4 main folder.
02: – Put all the files from the [MainFiles] folder into your Fallout 4 main folder (If overwrite is asked, then you have not properly uninstalled your previous Enb/reshade preset and may encounter bugs).
03: – Install the plug in in your Fallout 4/data folder and activate it. Load order don’t have importance yet if you have removed any other weather and lights mods. If it is the first time you want to add a plug in, go check this page to know how to do it. (don’t worry, it’s easy)
04: – Launch the game as usual and have fun. Don’t pay attention to the yellow line from the ReShade loading, it’s only a debug reminder from one of the ReShade developpers.

Here are the mods used in the screenshots:

Pipboy Shadows
Vivid fallout landscape – best choice
More grass – medium
Better fake reflexions
Wet and FO4 Rain

SweetFX 2.0 by
ReShade 1.1.0 by Crosire
MasterEffect & GemFx by Marty McFly & Lucifer Hawk
Enb series by Boris Vorontsov
Modular Shader Library by JawZ

FO4 Edit by Zilav

Credits: L00
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