Power Armor Materials AND Paints

Power Armor Materials AND Paints


Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who found it weird that paints and materials were put in the same category, I mean you should be able to apply the paint ON the material, so why not have both?
And so this is my attempt at fixing that.

What does this do?

It lets you choose both materials and paints for each piece of each power armor, except for the raider one, which only has access to 2 materials (lead and titanium). Since v0.3b, also creates a new category for the photovoltaic mod exclusive for helmets, which allows to apply a material, a paint AND the photovoltaic mod for the T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 Helmet.


Thanks to MigrosBudget for this video πŸ˜‰

Thanks to zardaxian for this video, also allows you to see how it reacts with a couple other mods πŸ˜‰


There are 2 versions:
– The original (nothing more to say really)
– The alternative, which is the same except for the fact that photovoltaic coating is a material instead of a paint.
Choose the one you prefer.

No longer applicable with v0.3b.

How to install?

Automatically: For this, you need the Nexus Mod Manager (aka NMM), which you actually can find on top of every nexusmods.com page.
Download it, install it and configure it to find your Fallout 4.
Then, in the download section of my mod (or any mod you want), use “DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER”, it may ask you for a permission, just allow it.
Nexus Mod Manager should be open (even if it wasn’t already), now go to the “Mods” tab, find the correct category if you uses them (should be “Gameplay Effects and Changes”) and double left click the mod to activate it.

How to remove?

Automatically: Just double left click the mod in NMM again to deactivate it.
Or right click it and select “uninstall mod”.
If you don’t want any trace left, then finish it by clicking on the red “X” on the left of the software, while having the mod selected.


Any mod not interfering with Power Armors in any way.
Any mod adding paints, and since update 0.2a, paints added from other mods should all be in the “Paint” category.


It would most likely conflict with any mod that changes the base power armors, since I mostly made modifications on that.
There hasn’t been any report of incompatibility yet, so wait and see.

Known Issues:

– The piece does not get the 2 name modifications (for example, if you have both flames paint and explosive shielding, the name does not become “shielded flames”, but only “shielded”). Since v0.3b, the name modification properly applies for each mod applied on the power armor, but if you used previous versions of my mod, you will need to reapply the power armor mod for the change to take.
– The default paint is not the “No Paint Mod”. Solved with a “cosmetic” change since v0.3b.

Not really big issues, and honestly, I don’t know how to solve it, at least not yet. Seems to be solved now.

Still, I may have overlooked a few things (or more than a few), so feel free to report any problem you see.

This mod was made with FO4Edit.

Credits: Mcgan
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