Power HD Paintings

Power HD Paintings

Here im again, i wanted to do that after doing the Retextures of the Power Armors, this is my first standalone mod i have ideas to make others so that being said here two things:

first, im in process of learning so if have any bug or any problem with the paintings let me know and i will try to fix the better and fastest i can.

second, please take in consideration that i will always try to improve my mods, all of them, i just need time to learn more to do it, i ever do the best i can on the momment i release a mod, so be patient and if the textures or the style is not for you consider to just use contructive comments, in fact i improved alot for reading them.

Now about the mod, this started as a joke really, i just wanted something different on my power armors, specially for combinating them but i get to start to love doing this mod and i learn even more in the process.

i made all the power armors skins, but the special things i tried to work more is the helmets and making them combine with the parts you can combine with the power armors, like legs of a t-60 x-01 body t-51 shoulders or t-60 etc…

Again The Textures are 2k like all my others textures.


1. Along the way, the “My Documents / My Games / Fallout 4” Fallout4Prefs.ini find the file and edit it: [Launcher] add “bEnableFileSelection = 1” (without the quotes)
2. Save and close.
4.right-click, select “Properties” and note “read-only”.

i really recommend to use the list of mods bellow to have a more immersive power armor gameplay.

P.A.M.S (recommended the Hydraulic version, its fantastic)
Dilapidated Frames the best frame i found until now
Power Armor helmet style the must have for immersion in first person when playing for immersion in first person when playing
More Power Armour Mods Amazing mod and
More Power Armour Mods Amazing mod and made The PA alot more useful
Power Armor Animation Changes Fantastic mod i cant play without him anymore

and Thanks to koojinn for his mod the best mod overhaul out there, that i used some textures to start my mods.

thanks too to Unpainted t45 standalone by Bordraw

and again sorry for any bad english, its not my native language.

My Other mods

Credits: Avallonkao
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