Scrap Grinder

Scrap Grinder

A simple mod that adds a Scrapping Bench that can be used to scrap misc items into their base components.

Found in the Crafting tab in the workshop.


– Use NMM or extract ScrapGrinder.esp and the Scripts folder to your Data folder
– Activate ScrapGrinder.esp using your preferred method

Updating from previous versions

– A clean save is recommended as the scrapping bench uses a script.
– It’s probably best to scrap and rebuild any workbenches created with previous versions, but resetting them with the console seems to work, too.


The Scrapping bench consists of two parts: The actual workbench and the output chest that sits on top it.

To use the scrapping bench:

– Drop any junk items you want to scrap into its inventory (Press R for the full inventory screen – the default menu won’t work for this)
– Leave the menu and press E while looking at the scrapping bench to activate it.
– Choose an output destination from the menu. (The output chest attached to the workbench or the current workshop container)
– Wait for a couple of seconds (or until the HUD comes back) while the character animation starts out, then back out of it by moving in any direction.
– NOTE: larger amounts of different items can sometimes take a few seconds to scrap.
– You should find the components of the items you scrapped in the output chest.


– Should be compatible with anything changing component amounts for junk items but:
– Only works for default components for now.
– Items without detected components will remain in its inventory for you to take back.

– This mod (like all other mods for this game) is not made and/or supported by Bethesda. Any support requests should be directed at me, not their official forums or support e-mail.

– Since the tools used to create this are unofficial and we have no official tools as a reference yet, this should be considered pre-release or a feature test.
– (In other words: Back Up Your Unmodded Save Files if you care about them.)

Many thanks to Bethesda for a great game, and to the creators of FO4Edit, Caprica and Champollion for the tools used to create this mod.

My other mods:

AmmoTweaks – Crafting and More
Personal Pack Brahmin

Credits: isathar
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