Standalone Weapon Crafting Station

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Standalone Weapon Crafting Station

It is an immersive way to get weapons from other mods
NEW VERSION 1.2 Compataible with AWKCR
Non-AWKCR version is available but I recommend the AWKCR version

I made this mainly because I wanted a way to get weapons from other mods that required you to use the console to obtain them. Just download the main file and use your Mod Manager of choice. All Patches and options are included in the FOMOD.
Optional Download will come up between versions so check back occasionally.

I will add more as more weapons come out or by request so make sure you TRACK this mod! Just ask in the Posts section and I will most likely get it done for you.

This SHOULD be compatible with everything. It doesn’t overwrite anything in Vanilla so you SHOULD be fine.

Standalone Weapons I’ve made patches for so far:
The AK-2047 Standalone Assault Rifle by FF7CloudStrife
AK-47 Standalone Weapon by ZunaSW & Zuna Roath
The M9 Standalone Pistol by FF7CloudStrife and Moniterman
M92SE Standalone Pistol with Tactical Flashlights by invalidfate, HeroinZero & morcris96
R91 Standalone Assault Rifle by FF7CloudStrife
Lightsaber Renew by invalidfate
Insanitys Celtic Katana by invalidfate & InsanitySorrow

Thanks for checking this out and thank you especially to the modders listed above.
Thanks to Gambit77 for helping me out with getting this to work with AKCR.
If you don’t already use it go check out his mod Armorsmith Extended

If you like this please TRACK ENDORSE and VOTE!
Check out my other mods below.

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Craftable Creatures and Companions
Standalone Weapon Crafting Station
Wasteland Creatures RedoneWalking Dead Ghouls


Thank you BasedGod

Credits: DOOM
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