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Stronger Brotherhood of STEEL

Stronger Brotherhood of Steel

This is for all fans of the Brotherhood who think that they should use Steel instead of Iron,
what they sometimes seem to prefer. The weakness of the vertibirds is obvious.
Unfortunately the mods publicated so far to improve those “helicopters” forget some mission-based vertibirds.
That’s why I include them here – with all vertibird-data I found so far – to make an all-inclusive BOS-mod.

Another problem I encountered was the survivability of scribes. Proctor Quinlan offers those missions on
the Prydwen and once I had to clear a building and then enter an elevator. When I stepped out on the
upper side the scribe was shot down within seconds and I couldn’t prevent it.
Although I tried it 10 times in a row (!) the scribe died and the mission was a failure.
That’s the disadvantage of random-based missions.

The main version of this mod improves all aspects of the Brotherhood.
Mainly I add health points to raise the survivability. There are in addition
separate versions for those people who think that it is not necessary to improve
the knights or whatever. In fact the knights are tough but not unbeatable.
I followed some patrols to watch what they were doing and in my opinion
they died very soon. The situation for aspirants and initiates was even
more disappointing because they were dying like flies.
The “All in One”-Version tries to reinforce the Brotherhood in all cases,
so I recommend it to people who want to join them. All values I made are
in deed not to make the BoS a stronger opponent – but a stronger friend.
I didn’t change any NPCs with a name, so Paladin Danse and all the other individual knights
and soldiers are as always. They can’t die in combat, so there is no need to do it.

health points * 6 (at least)
protection +50 %

Power Armor Knights:

health points ++
strength +
perception + (some)

health points ++

(++ = much improved, + = a little bit improved)

Each block of changes is also available in separate files.
So if you like scribes that live much longer and don’t need the rest then use the Stronger Brotherhood Soldiers Only.esp .

Stronger Brotherhood PowerArmor ONLY = only improves Knights with Power Armor (no NPC, never)
Stronger Brotherhood Soldiers ONLY = improves all soldiers that do not have Power Armor (scribes, initiates, normal knights etc.)
Stronger Brotherhood Vertibirds ONLY = only vertibirds are improved and their pilots (you hardly see one on the battle-field, will you?)

Credits: Medardus
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