Walking Dead Ghouls WIP

Walking Dead Ghouls WIP

I made this just for fun but I might add more to it once the CK comes out. Here is what it does.

Feral Ghouls don’t run anymore (most of the time)
Feral Ghouls shouldn’t lunge or jump at you anymore
No more radiation damage from incoming Feral Ghoul attacks
Replaced Rad Damage with Bleed Damage (v1.1)
Ghouls are no longer healed by rads (still have resistance)
Added some extra damage to their hits
Headshots on Feral Ghouls do much more damage
Limbs and Torso take much less damage

You might occasionally see them running but in my experience it is usually in the opposite direction

That’s about it for now. I have some ideas for this but I’d also like to hear some suggestions.

I’ve made a short video demonstration (I’m sorry for the horrible quality, I don’t usually do videos)

(I should mention that in my demo video I am level 9001 and have every single perk…
that might be why it seems OP. I just use that save to test things Lol. I haven’t tried with a “Normal” character. Probably should have.)

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Thank you BasedGod

Credits: DOOM
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