Actual Flare Gun And Ammo

Actual Flare Gun And Ammo

This mod adds Two Craftable Flare Guns with Ammo, that’s lighting works like an ACTUAL Flare Gun, and then some. This is NOT a replacement of the Minutemen Flare Gun!!! 8 Variants of Color!!!

So, just a few things you should know. This is my first mod ever, so DBAA..
I’ve increased the reload speed slightly, and increased the damage of the guns to 50, so it’s not useless in combat, but obviously that’s not it’s purpose, it’s primarily used to light up dark areas, so, it works great with Darker Nights. The reskin in the description isn’t mine and isn’t in this mod, it is the Weapons of Boston – Flare Gun Retexture, but is compatible. The Interior Flare Gun and Ammo, requires Gun Nut Rank 1 to create, and the Exterior Flare Gun and Ammo requires Gun Nut Rank 2. All are craftable at the Chemistry Station, Under Grenades. Also, Crafting the Ammo gives 15 Flares each time, I may increase that in the future, I’m not sure yet. If you want to add more in the console just type in – help “flarer” 0. With the quotes and without the..And go from there.

So, just a few things you NEED to know. If you want to change the Guns to a different color, make sure, you don’t have the weapon equipped, and to be safe, that it’s not in your quick slot, and also that a flare isn’t active, in the air etc. I had trouble with crashing, when it was equipped and installing a different color variant. Made with F04Edit. Backup your saves, as i said this is my first mod, you really should be fine though, Thanks.

P.S. Special Thanks to Mofakin , his tutorial helped me out alot!!!

P.S.S I didn’t want to clutter the grenades section, plus, It would have taken ages to rename all of the variants so you can add different variants at a time, and being OCD, It was driving me insane that i couldn’t put them all in order, so I did it this way, you can still install them all, but they’ll be named the same thing in the chemlab, you can rename them by installing the mod Legendary Modification, and modding the gun. When I figure out how to order them, I’ll fix it, and add it as a NMM Download.

Install Manually. Place desired Esp’s in your Data Folder. You can mix and match the Interior and Exterior’s.
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Credits: Scrobin
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