Glass or Transparent Aluminum Combat Armor

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Glass or Transparent Aluminum Combat Armor

This mod creates a standalone Combat Armor that is transparent, like Glass. This armors in this mod can be modded just like any other combat armor pieces, with the same coloring and everything.
You can now chose to install the Glass version or the Transparent Aluminum version, or install them both if you want.
The Decal has been removed from the chest pieces, so there will not be a Star or any other symbol on the chest piece.
The leather straps, aluminum fittings, and belt bags were not made transparent for realism.
The leather undershirt has been removed from the Sturdy and Heavy variants.

Mod Managers should be able to install this by default, as I used default folder names starting with Data

You can also manually install this by simply extracting the Data folder into your Fallout 4 install folder, usually located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout4
but this can change depending on your installation.

After extracting Manually or with a mod manager, add GlassCombat.esp, or TACombat.esp to your Plugins.txt file, making sure to make this file read only after editing it, usually at:

If you would like to make the Glass Combat Armors look more glassy, I have included an optional file that will allow you to accomplish this in the downloads section. This is done with a Pallet file, so this download only has that pallet file in it. If you do not use that file the Glass Combat Armor will use the same color pallet as the Vanilla Combat Armor. Unzip this optional file into your main Fallout 4 folder as with the files above, but only after installing Glass Combat Armors. I have included instructions with the optional file as a readme if you want to replace the pallet for Transparent Aluminum instead, but this file was intended for the Glass version.

Delete the GlassCombat or TACombat folder from your Materials, Meshes, and Textures Folders, delete GlassCombat.esp and/or TACombat.esp from the Data Folder.

In Game:
These armors can be crafted at a chemistry workbench, under the utility section. I am not aware of a way to force what tier (Light, Sturdy or Heavy) is created, so you may have to create the armor a few times to get the one you want.
The name of the armor is dependent of what download you choose, Glass will show up as Glass Combat , Transparent Aluminum is Transparent Combat (I thought Transparent Aluminum was a bit long to add to the armor name so went with just Transparent)
I tried to keep the requirements low for crafting these to compensate for not knowing which one you will get, the requirements are:
Chest piece: 1 Aluminum (for the fittings), 2 Leather (the straps that hold it together), 5 Glass (the main armor component)
Arms & Legs: 1 Aluminum, 1 leather, 2 Glass
Helmet: 1 Aluminum, 2 Leather, 3 Glass

Transparent Aluminum:
Chest Piece: 6 Aluminum, 2 Leather
Arms & Legs: 3 Aluminum, 1 Leather
Helmet: 4 Aluminum, 2 Leather

You can also use console commands to get these items, again the items were cloned from the base-game items, so you will not know which tier you will get until you have exited the console screen.
The items can be found with:
Help “Combat Armor” 4

There are clipping issues between the leather of the knee, and the knee itself, this does not extend out of the armor itself, but is noticeable as the armor is now transparent.

This mod was created using FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha

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