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JB – Hmm What To Wear

This mod contains multiple clothing items that can be mixed and matched. In real life you don’t always wear the same shirt with the same shorts or even underwear so why do so in a game? With this mod you’ll be able to decide what you wear when you want. Change your shirt, change your undies, change your shoes, and change your shorts, pants, skirts, etc… WHY? Because now you can!!!

Each article of clothing can be morphed through BodySlide.

How to use mod:

An important note is that these articles of clothing are not meant to be used with Vanilla outfits. They do work fine with the individually equippable pieces such as the Leather and Metal armors. Allow me to explain, it’s rather straight forward. Please read the following carefully so you don’t get any wrong ideas or become confused.

Find and kill Raiders or simply search containers to acquire the articles of clothing. While killing Raiders you will get your hands on what are known as “Hmm Stat” armor pieces. A “Hmm Stat” is basically a ring with armor stats on it. They will be named, “Hmm Stat: Insert Vanilla Armor Name Here” such as the “Hmm Stat: Vault 111 Suit” and so on. “Hmm Stat” armor pieces work just like vanilla outfits. If the vanilla outfit can be upgraded at the Armor crafting station then the “Hmm Stat” equivalent will have the same options available for it. The “Hmm Stat” rings will allow you to wear what you want without it effecting your armor stats. This is intentional and designed to maintain game balance.

In short, find and equip a “Hmm Stat” armor piece and then mix and match the clothing articles however you want. You can wear leather panties with a fishnet upper chest or no upper chest and a pair of leather boots and blue jeans. Mix and match to create your own style!

This mod requires that you are using the Jane Bod.

Slot Assignments:

Note: This mod provides a very high level of modularity. This means that I have to methodically choose what slots each piece is using. I am loosely following the list provided on the mod description page for the Armorsmith Extended mod as closely as I can. I can’t follow it 100% tho because it’s not really optimized for the level of modularity that I am providing. These are the slots I am using for Hmm What to Wear thus far. Again, it’s loosely based on that other list but it’s not identical because that other list doesn’t provide me with the slots I need to make what I want to do possible.

Slot 33 – Shoes/Boots
Slot 34 – Left Gloves
Slot 35 – Right Gloves
Slot 37 – Shirts/Tops
Slot 38 – Left Leggings
Slot 39 – Right Leggings
Slot 40 – Pants/Shorts/Skirts
Slot 50 – Chokers/Neckties
Slot 61 – Panties/Thongs

Add the following lines to your “Fallout4Custom.ini” file located in “Documents\My Games\Fallout4”:

[Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1

1. Download and install via Nexus Mod Manager.
2. Use the mod as it is or build the articles of clothing in BodySlide to fit your custom Jane Bod shape.
3. Find Raiders and kill them or search around various luggage containers in the game.

To create your own custom shape:

1. Download and Install BodySlide.
2. The BodySlide files for this mod are located in a folder called Tools/BodySlide/…
3. Merge everything from that BodySlide folder into the same folder your BodySlide was installed.
4. When you load BodySlide select the Jane Bod and click preview.
5. Once you are done shaping click on Batch Build and build everything.

You are responsible for downloading and installing/uninstalling this mod. If you screw something up, it’s on you.

Anything compatible with the Jane Bod.
It is not compatible with CBBE or any other body replacer.
Some clothing items are not compatible with vanilla outfits. It is not recommended to wear these clothing articles with vanilla outfits.

These outfit pieces are open source to an extent. You can do whatever you like with it provided you link back to this page and give ol’ Nightasy due credit.
You can not upload this same exact mod with no changes having been done to it. This is the original mod’s home, leave it here.
I reserve the right to this mod and it’s contents which means I reserve the right to say that you can’t use parts of it in your mod.

Conversion Rules: Any modder is permitted to convert these armor/clothing models to work with any body type they see fit. In fact, I encourage and appreciate it if you do convert my mods to work with other body types. You are allowed to upload the conversion to any site you want to provided you link back to the original mod page. You cannot however reupload the original unmodified mod to another site under any circumstances. Furthermore, you must credit me as the original author for any armor/clothing that I am the original author of. Provided you follow those rules, you’ll never hear any complaints from me.

Q1. Will you convert these outfits to work with ?

Short answer: I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.

Long answer: Means no.

Q2. I equipped such and said piece with such and said vanilla outfit and it caused such and said piece to warp weirdly.

Short answer: I clearly stated earlier in the description that the articles in this mod are not really meant to be worn with vanilla outfits. They work fine with the equippable pieces like the Leather Shoulderpads and whatnot but not with the vanilla outfits. Vanilla outfits have offset variables that will mess with these clothing articles. Use the “Hmm Stat” armor pieces instead of the vanilla outfits. That’s what they are there for, it’s the reason I added the “Hmm Stats” armor pieces to the mod.

Long answer: Why you no read mod description?

Q3. When I loot a “Hmm Stat” armor piece from a dead Male Raider their body disappears. This doesn’t happen for females. What gives?

Short Answer: There isn’t a separate list of gear for males and females. They use the same random gear lists when they spawn. As such the “Hmm Stat” armor pieces use the vanilla outfit 3d model for the males instead of the ring that the females get. So when you remove a “Hmm Stat” from the dead Male npc it will remove the vanilla outfit 3d model and show nothing because the boots are equipped on the npc. If you remove the boots then the dead Male npc’s body will reappear. There is nothing I can do about this until the Creation Kit gets released.

Long Answer: I’ll fix it when the Creation Kit comes out.

Q4. I equipped an article of clothing that clips another article of clothing. What gives?

Short Answer: The idea of a mix and match mod is that you have to mix and match pieces to find ones that work together. I do take time to try and make most of the articles of clothing fit well together but not all of them will. I mean think about it, you probably have clothing in your closet that don’t match up. It’s just the nature of the mod. This allows me to continue adding articles of clothing unrestricted. For instance, I might want to add a turtle neck shirt but that would probably not work with a necktie. If something doesn’t fit well with something else and they clip one another then try a different combination of clothes instead. Don’t worry, I am very careful when implementing the clothing articles into the NPC gear lists so NPC’s will never be wearing clothing items that clip one another.

Long Answer: Read Short Answer, there is no long answer.

Nightasy for making this outfit.
Outfit Studio Team
Autodesk for Maya 2016
Adobe for Photoshop
Intel for Texture Tools
Pixologic for ZBrush
Nifskope Team
Substance Painter Developers
Quixel Developers
ThrottleKitty for the Metal Material

Hopefully I didn’t leave anybody out. If I did, let me know!

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