Vault 111 Overseer Armor CBBE

Vault 111 Overseer Armor CBBE

This mod adds, what I think might have been, the Vault 111 Overseer’s Armor to the game. It comes in two variants for both Vanilla Male and CBBE Female:



Each variant also comes with a Visor and Beanie.

*I think I included everything needed for BodySlide. I did build the female version around the basic curvey preset, so don’t be surprised if weirdness happens upon setting your boobs and butts to 11.

15 Damage Resistance
15 Energy Resistance
15 Radiation Resistance
Upgradable with Ballistic Weave
30 pound carry-weight bonus

* Unfortunately for those who care, the leg armor is not removeable. I don’t see a need for it.

How to get the armor:
Super immersive, uber realistic, 4K console commands. Type “help overseer 4” and look for the IDs. Or you could just shit in your tower and set it on fire….sorry inside joke.

*Added an optional esp that adds the armor to the Overseer’s Locker. It’s the one in the bedroom next to the Cryolator. Eventually, if it doesn’t cause problems, it will be incorporated into the main files. Just download it and overwrite the original esp for the Proto or Roughneck version.

1. Make a Vanilla Female version.
2. Eventually, when the GECK drops, I have plans to add this armor to the skeleton that’s wearing the pipboy at the Vault 111 exit and create a simple, short backstory about the Overseer. It won’t be anything spectacular, just some notes and maybe a holotape if someone will do the voice acting.
3. Steal underpants.
4. Profit.

You’re free to translate this and upload it to the Nexus. It’s just a couple names. DO NOT UPLOAD THIS TO ANY OTHER SITE. PERIOD. Pas meme “la confrerie des traducteurs.” Desole, mais, ca, c’est une exclusive pour le Nexus.
If it’s NOT the Proto Vault Suit textures, you are welcome to use the assets in this mod for any non-commercial purpose.

*The postmanbag mesh and base texture, as well as the scarf mesh and base texture, are part of Elianora’s mod Apocalypse Accessories. If you need a postman bag or scarf, go download her mod.

Elianora for answering my incessant questions about how to make an armor and get it in-game.
Ounius for Outfit Studio.
Nitronizer for Proto Vault Suit
The FO4Edit team for awesomeness.
The NifSkope team for more awesomeness.
Mr. Rogers for being my neighbor.
Chunk for the truffle shuffle.
My cat, Stink Mao, for forcing me to take lots of breaks and throw paper balls at the wall for him to fetch.
Ecuador por haber dejado entrar en el pais a un pendejo como yo.
Gli SkU per quanto grandi sono.

Credits: aloot
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