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Verdant Wasteland

Did you felt the need for summer in the wasteland? Always had the impression the sun deserves a more vibrant enviroment, then the one displayed in FO4? Well I feel like the game has a much stronger inclination for summer, and thus this Mod was born. It started as a simple retexture of the vines and grass, then quickly evolved into a full fledged “green” mod. It’s in development for roughly 10 days now, and you can follow it’s development over at my Twitch channel. I’ve rextextured almost 90% of all grass and plant types, respectively simply exchanged autumn time with prewar summer time equivalents, regarding trees. To turn trees green you do not necessarily need to retexture the textures, could all easily be done with the use of material files. This Mod plays very well, or in particular is designed for, my Summer Time Mod.

What does this Mod do?

It turns the octobre wasteland into a june verdant wasteland, with diverse plant types that wear blossoms and leafs. Rextexturing includes all grass, plant and tree types, with the exception of some plants that I felt need to stay “wasted” for reasons of immersion, like for example the blasted grasses. You will see roses in blossom, brambles carrying fruits, dark green vine leafs, verdant and bibrant versions of ilex, viburnum, evergreen, buxus, elms, marble and much more. See the screenshots and video for impression.

How is it installed?

It is recommended to use NMM for easy installation, since there are only texture and material files. For manual installation, just copy the files of to the correct folders.

But this is a wasteland, plants can’t grow there?

Who says that? Lore? Biology? Lore might be true, but biology says nature will always return, and since this a completely fantasy based open world game, I’m allowed to apply whichever fantasy I want to, right? Given the experience I gained in the last copple of days, I’m entirely sure Bethesda at one point had the idea to actually make this a game happening in summer time, or, what would be even more awesome, they’d planed for a DLC adding seasons. However, I never really had the feeling they made a correct display of autumn. It felt more like a summer without leafs on plants.

Any additional recommendations?

Yes, this is ment to be played with my Summer Time Mod. I also recommend using True Storms and Darker Nights for higher immersion. To get a even better experience, maybe change your timescale to 5, with the console command “set timescale to 5” without quotes.

Is it stable?

Since there are only changed textures and material files, everything should be perfectly fine. The textures are saved in the correct format and have normals/speculars applied.

Any performance hits?

It’s based on regular 2k textures, so it should not affect your perfomance in any way. My system as reference:

i7@ 8×3.6 Ghz
980 GTX with 4 Gigs
16 Gigs of RAM
Windows 8.1

Will this be improved?

Yes, this will be my long time texture mod, and in the long run will try to retexture every single piece of plant in this game. I will introduce tons of variations of plants, as I already figured, that most plants have at least 3+ variation types in game. This allows me to easily import plants like ivy, oaks, coniferes etc.

Credits: Mofakin
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