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A Realistically Weightless Colored Sorting Mod

NEW:From v1.1, ARWCSM is compatible with DEF_HUD’s ‘Component tags’ module (see below).


ARWCSM uses DEF_INV resources to display around 50 icons before the items in the inventory. They are sorted by 68 tags.
Weapons and Armors are not sorted for now. An upgrade will come soon so in the meantime, you should use the excellent
Better Armor and Weapon naming and sorting, which displays | the | mods | attached | like | that and sorts these items well.

ARWCSM uses 16 tabs separating the items for a faster access thank to shorter lists.

With the other mods of an ensemble of three, it brings Colored icons to the inventory lists in the Pipboy/Barter/Container/Workbench screens.
ARWCSM should be used in conjunction with the two other mods of the set.
It is expressively made for a Color Pipboy.
It intends to make it finer to watch by diminishing the Contrast between the white Fonts/Icons/Animations and the black Background when
the monochrome setting is removed in order to display a Color World Map (main reason).

The other mods:
Gold Kit for Color Pipboy -anti-Black&White Screen-
The main one. It provides Colors to Icons/Animations and some Fonts for all Pipboy screens and colors the icons in the Barter/Container/Workbench windows.
From v1.1, GKCP removes the monochrome layer (green) of the Pipboy automatically, making it ready to display colors.

Zoom-Out Extended for World Map and Local Map
Allows to zoom-out fully on the World/Local Maps and deals with the on-map color of those two screens.

When one removes the monochrome display, the Power Armor Pipboy screens (World Map, inventory…) become too bright.
You’ll probably need to change (or add) these lines in Fallout4Custom.ini:
Chapters [] are essential:
The default are respectively 3 and 1:
[display] fPipboyScreenEmitIntensityPA=1

I have also seen: 1.25 and 0.15.

As GKCP v1.1 provides an automatic removal of the monochrome display of the Pipboy, making it ready to display colors, what follows is less

Spoiler Show


This mod deals with Item tagging and sorting. It is integrated with DEF_INV by Neanka which provides icon tags instead of [word] tags
in the inventory lists + configurable through modding sub-category Tabs to sort the items in more categories.
The lists are shorter and the items are sorted more specifically.
For example the Ammo Tab is inside the Weapons screen with the Grenades Tab (no need to clic 3×2 times to go to the Ammo Tab and back in the Weapons Tab).
Food/Drink/Chem also have specific tabs as well as some sets of wearables and things in Aid, Misc and Junk (see below for details) and (screenshots).
So DEF_INV is required.

There are 16 Tabs to sort items in sub-categories inside main game tabs and there are 68 tags and ~50 icons.
The tags are colored by the core mod Gold Kit for Color Pipboy which provides for some coloring of the inventory screens.

It is named …Weightless… yes, but not for Weapons and Wearables even with the most weightless install.
That is the only way I found to play this game without sinking into maniacal routines repeated to abrutissement.
The game leads you to carry stuff and the management tools the interface provides are made for a simplistic console eight buttons controller.
For that kind of game with long lists, this is an exécrable interface. In other words, the less one deals with the inventory, the better.

Spoiler Show

So, the name is because Weightless is the only way I see to play this game.
Even with the weightless option, the management of the inventory is still a heavy duty.
Although, when starting a new game, players should probably use the Vanilla install. For a time, it is OK and even better, I think.

But when you start killing people with much loot, you must make some space for it. Weightless Junk is one of the possibilities, although it is bound to change the way you play because there are then no more insentives to manage the Building Material transport routine, using settlers to move Materials around. So, matter of choice. You may prefer to make other items weightless first in order to enjoy what Beth have concocted with that new feature.

A bit of Details:

The Vanilla version’s weights:
No Weight: PassCards/Syringer Ammo (as other ammo)/some Aid (Med-X/Rad-X/RadAway/Skeeto).
1/2 Weight : Chems/Drinks/Quest/Unique/Bio Food/Overdue Books (items with a weight of 0.1 stay 0.1 (if not, display is 0.0)).
Vanilla Weights: Weapons/Armor/All Wearables/Food/Misc/Junk.

The Weightless version:
Everything is Weightless except for All Weapons, all Armors, all Clothes and Headwears.

– Around 75 Quest/Unique/Rare items misplaced in Vanilla have been sorted properly, generaly moved from Junk to Misc and made unscrappable.
Some items are tagged as Valuable and left in Junk, they are a bit less common then other Junk but more common then Rare (for what I can see).
I corrected a few mistakes like the Aluminium Tray and Oil Can were giving Steel in stead of Aluminium…
The Burnt and Ruined items like books, magazines… are scrappable Junk now. The non-trashy ones are in Misc.

– Some names have been standardized (e.i. BoS items and other things, part of sets or series).

– When I saw inconsistencies, it fixed them. See details in “spoiler” tab in Versions.

The Tabs:
Grenades / Mines
Armors (not real armor) / Outfit / Clothing
Dog / Super-Mutant
Hats / Helmets / Masks
Quests / QuestJP
Keys / PassCards / PassNotes / Passwords
Magazines / Notes
Holotapes / Games
Cooking / Crafting
Prewar / Loot
Materials / Paper / Bones
Scrap / ScrapGlass / Tools

The Tags: There are 68 tags and around 50 icons.


Use NMM or Mod Organizer (if you want to use and test: Mod Organizer 2 alpha x).

The other Neanka’s mod DEF_HUD is very good too (same adress, same fomod). There are good customized HUDs easy to install too.

Spoiler Show

If you use the Automatron DLC+DEF_HUD, you should experience CTDs when walking about in the East Boston area (and County Crossing).
The Fix: County Crossing Crash Fix (Automatron) by th1nk. See sanhedrinn post (here) and the doc there.

1) DEF_INV (and possibly DEF_HUD) installation.

ARWCSM 1.1 is compatible with DEF_HUD’s ‘Component tags’ module which displays the components of scrappable items when you point at them.
That feature needs DEF_HUD to be installed.

If DEF_INV is already installed (with whatever install) and you don’t want DEF_HUD, skip this step and go to the install of ARWCSM.

DEF_INV and DEF_HUD must be installed before GKCP and the ARWCSM Patch.
The DEF_UI page and fomod are informative and clear. But here is in short what you should select:

If you want DEF_INV only, choose those options in the fomod:

Your game language version
Your monitor aspect ratio
I already have sorting xml files

Overwrite if asked

If you want both DEF_INV and HUD with Component Tags, choose those options in the fomod:

Your game language version
Your monitor aspect ratio
Use Sorting Mod Component tags
Use existing
I already have sorting xml files

Overwrite if asked

– Your game language version: ARWCSM displays the names of items in english. It can be used with other languages but with that restriction.
The rest of the screens remain in the original language.
– Your monitor aspect ratio: All but one customized HUDs are for 16/9 monitor ratio. See in the DEF_HUD tab above for other ratios.
– Use Sorting Mod Component tags: Means the component tags used will be those provided by ARWCSM.
– Use existing Means you have to install a customized HUD.
– I already have sorting xml files: The 3 xml files are provided by ARWCSM.

After that, the order of installation doesn’t matter, just make sure to overwrite when asked.

If you are using a Sorting Mod, deactivate it in the Mods window (right tab in NMM).

A Realistically Weightless Colored Sorting Mod installation:

– Install ARWCSM – 0 – DEF_INV Compatibility Patch.
Overwrite if asked. This step adds or replaces 3 xml files from DEF_INV.

– Choose an install type: Full or Modular / Weightless or with Vanilla weights.

A Full install consists of a single file with all the items in it: Weightless or Vanilla.
For a Modular install, there must be 1 (the common files) + 3 modules. You can mix Weightless and Vanilla but only one of each type of items.

ATTENTION: In order to sort Weapons/Armors Better Armor and Weapon naming and sorting by Ruddy88.
I was using that mod and didn’t realized that without it, Weapons and Armors were very badly sorted. So, while I correct that ‘oubli’,
you should use that really fine mod. For now at least, it is complementary to ARWCSM.

You should now have a Sorting Mod with the DEF_INV fonctionalities but still with white icons.
In order for ARWCSM to display DEF_INV icons with colors in the Inventory/Barter/Container/Workbench screens, Gold Kit for Color Pipboy must be installed.

Gold Kit for Color Pipboy -anti-Black&White Screen-
Install and overwrite when asked. Those files should be DEF_INV’s.

Zoom-Out Extended for World Map and Local Map.
The installs correspond to the resolution of the different World Maps available.
Provides a needed fonctionnality and colors to those particular screens of the pipboy.
This mod should not overwrite other files.

DEF_INV and ARWCSM provide the same tab as the keyNuker and keyRing – Hidden keys by lyravega and Neanka mod. So you must deactivate it.

DEF_INV must be installed before ARWCSM and GKCP, this is the only sequence that matters.
See the Auto section.
Classically, look at the dir structure to see where to put the files.

GKCP, ARWCSM and Z-o E are being selected in the list of 100+ mods presented by Haoswidasee in his Ultimate Fallout 4 Mod Compilation.
He gives precise procedures for the successive and succesfull installations of all of those mods.
It can save a lot of time to people (especially starters) to adopt that ‘secure’ list and maybe built from there.

About the Barter/Container/Workbench screens:
Some people experience a dark display. The icons are hardly visible or even missing.
The visual weird display may depend on the HUD color.
When you set the three sliding bars (Settings/Display/HUD Color) all to the right, the HUD display is white (255,255,255). The icons looks like in the Pipboy but the HUD is ugly.
The more to the left you set them, the darker the display becomes.
So, one should set a compromise between color saturation and clarity in order to display fine enough icons in those screens.

For missing icons:
– If you use an other sorting mod, you should uninstall it and try with ARWCSM. If the problem persist, I’ll provide support.


– Obviously, Sorting Mods are incompatible with each other.
– Mods which modify weights or names of Vanilla items like Logical Junk Weight by Elysium7. But there is patch in preparation.
– Immersive Scrapping by Xcytress is incompatible as things stand. But there is patch in preparation.


For FO4 v1.3 or higher.

– Uploaded a Patch for AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches by Aldebaran90 and Stndmunki
– Uploaded a Patch for AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches – Ballistic Weave by Aldebaran90 and Stndmunki
– Uploaded a Patch for AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches – Power Armor Carry Capacity by Aldebaran90 and Stndmunki
– Uploaded a Patch for AnV Camo Backpacks by Aldebaran90 and Voivre
– Uploaded a Patch for Bandolier Standalone and Craftable by NightseeR
– Uploaded a Patch for Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag or Backpack by Eferas

– Misc and Junk are all properly sorted.
– Two categories have been moved to be more easily accessible (non-radioactive Food and “Crafting” in Junk).
– Fixed three name issues.

Spoiler Show

v1.1 is a major update for MISC and JUNK items and it makes ARWCSM compatible with DEF_HUD’s ‘Component tags’ module.
There are more categories, and tabs are shortening the longest lists more.
As there is a limit on the number of working tabs (16), those of v1.0 have been reorganized in order to place some in the Junk category.
There are 9 more tags. At least 17 types of items in Junk have been serialized.
There are now 16 tabs, 68 tags and around 50 icons (details in Versions).
The two Wedding Rings are giving +1 Luck.


Spoiler Show

– Uploaded a Patch for Outfit Switcher – Hotkey and Swap Loadouts by registrator2000
Wear armor, then the charisma outfit, then the Hazmat Suit with a single real time, toggle-able hotkey. Simply indispensable!

– Uploaded a Patch for Field Scribe Backpack by jet4571

– The Ammo Tab was abstent from the Barter/Container/Workbench windows. It’s back! It is now next to Grenades like in the Pipboy inventory.
– The tag ElectronicWarfare was left from and alpha version while I changed it to ComplexWarfare in v1.0 (better adapted).
So, it didn’t work in v1.0 (i think it is the atom icon like some ammo type).
Some small text work in a xml file.


About Sorting Mods:
You should only read this if you don’t install the full Set and want to keep the Sorting Mod you use or want to know more about the subject.

With a mod manager, it is easy to install/uninstall Sorting Mods. You can try 36 of them without adverse consequence, so feel free to try some.
Although, when trying mods, you should not save (as a general rule) specially that Sorting Mods don’t need to be tested in-game.

A Realistically Weightless Colored Sorting Mod is fully integrated with both the two other mods of the set but importantly also with DEF_INF
for which an ad hoc Patch is provided to install over the DEF_INV required install.

Neanka’s fine mod allows the display of a variety of icons before the items in the Inventory screens and the Barter/Container/Workbench in-game screens as well as Tabs to sort items by nature.

A Realistically Weightless… ARWCSM for short is a Sorting Mod with much icon diversification which also integrates a number of sub-category tabs.
For example the Ammo Tab is inside the Weapon screen with the Grenades Tab (no need to clic 3×2 times to go to the Ammo Tab and back in the Weapons Tab!).
Food/Drink/Chem also have specific tabs (like in VIS) as well as some sets of wearables and Misc items.

I provide support for my set of mods. I know they work well together and I will help solve the issues that might happen.
When it comes to other Sorting Mods, if you use them and you experience problems with the inventory, you should install ARWCSM (after
deactivating your current sorting mod). If the problem persist, I’d be providing help to solve the issue. Then you can easily go back to your
previous sorting mod.
With a mod manager, it is easy to install/uninstall Sorting Mods. You can try all without adverse consequence, so feel free to try some.
As a general rule, when trying mods, you should not save (you can see immediately what a sorting mods does).

About the missing esp warning window bug:
This bug occurs when you deselect to much ESPs at the same time. When you
try to load a savegame, the game can’t display the warning window
saying some esp present in the save you try to load is not present anymore. The game freezes on that failed attempt.
If you experience that bug, you should try putting back all but one of the ESPs you removed, and try to load the savegame.
If it loads (if not, change the one you deactivated), you should save then exit the game and try removing an other ESP,
launch the game, load the latest savegame, save… untill all is removed.

Keeping your present Sorting Mod or installing one is OK in terms of compatibility provided it uses DEF_INV and the icons are displayed in the inventory.
Installing GKCP would provide Colors to the icons displayed, both in the Pipboy and the in-game Barter/Container/Workbench windows.

– If you already use a Sorting Mod but without DEF_INV, you must install it.
DEF_INV provides support for Valdacil’s Item Sorting (VIS), Bhaal’s Better Sorting (BBS) and Better Item Sorting (BIS).

DEF_INV is compatible with VIS.
DEF_INV is compatible with BBS.
The install for BIS should be OK but I never tried it.

– If you already use a Sorting Mod with DEF_INV, it should display the color icons provided by GKCP.

– If you don’t use DEF_INV nor a Sorting Mod:
Know that without installing DEF_INV, there would be no icons in the Inventory/Barter/Container/Workbench… thus no color for that,
but the Pipboy’s interface would still display color Animations, Fonts and interface Icons (not inventory ones).
So it would be playable. But if you can, you should install it/them.

Bhaal’s Better Sorting by Bhaal
Whose 2.1 version, which I was playing with and had made Weightless for myself, has served as core basis for this mod.
As things went, I added a lot and transformed the rest. So our two mods are pretty much different.
I looked also around about what other Mods (VIS and BIS) were doing and used that info to sort things better (Quest items mainly).
DEF_INV by Neanka
I would not have made this mod without Neanka’s mod. So I believe the most credits should go to him because of the icons, tabs and system he made available for other to work on.
Credits mitigés for Beth.
When you watch closely the items data, you realize there are many unthought things and a number of errors. Bethesda is not a fan of “small” details (or they don’t take the time to be).
But there is an impressive mass of data in those files and the game is particularly stable for me. So credits to them.

Credits: Zenotep
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